Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - Akala Island Mallow’s Trial: Walkthrough

Akala Island Part 3 in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon focuses on Mallow's Trial and your battle against the Akala Island Totem Pokemon Lurantis.

Akala Island Mallow’s Trial Walkthrough

This walkthrough covers Akala Island Part 3 from the return to Paniola Ranch up to Mallow’s Island Challenge at Lush Jungle for Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon. Note: The information and images contained here are taken from Pokemon Sun and Moon. We will be updating them when Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon comes out. Don’t forget to check out our Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon guide!

Story Route

  • Paniola Ranch
  • Route 7
  • Route 8
  • Lush Jungle
    • Collect the items for Mallow
  • Totem Pokemon Battle: Lurantis

Route 7

  1. Head down to Route 7 and make your way north into the tunnel.
  2. After that, make your way through until you encounter the Ultra Recon Squad.
  3. There will be a short cutscene which then you can make your way to Route 8.

Items List

Item Name Location Remarks
Star Piece Previous spot where the Zygarde Cell was in Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokémon Encountered

Name Location Remarks
Alolan Diglett Route 7
Tentacool Route 7 Water (Surfing)
Wingull Route 7 Water (Surfing)
Pyukumuku Route 7 Water (Surfing)
Magikarp Route 7 Water (Fishing)
Wishiwashi Route 7 Water (Fishing)
Staryu Route 7 Water (Rare Fishing Spot)
Kecleon Route 7 Near Dividing Peak Tunnel
Wimpod Route 7 Near Divid Peak Tunnel

Route 8

  1. Head into Route 8 where you’ll trigger a cutscene with Professor Colress from UNOVA. After that, you’ll find TM 43 – Flame Charge.
  2. Make your way to the poke center where you’ll find Hau and have a conversation with him in regards to the Lush Jungle Trial.
  3. Head south and cross Route 5 to make your way to Lush Jungle.

Head west to a grass patch near the water.

Item List

Item Name Location Remarks
TM43 (Flame Charge) Received from Professor Colress.
Rare Bone Behind the Fossil Restoration Center.
TM53 (Energy Ball) Leave Lush Jungle through Route 8.
Big Pearl
Water Stone
Miracle Seed
Ultra Ball Head west to a grass patch near the water. It’s near a scientist trainer.
Lum Berry Given to you from a trainer’s brother. Defeat the Preschooler Kaleb near the Poke Center.
Dive Ball East of the hotel and a path heading behind the hotel. There’s a trainer nearby so be prepared.
Water Stone Head west in the Water. A Wimpod should be nearby.

Pokémon Encountered

Item Name Location Remarks
Yungoos Route 8 Grassy Areas; day time only.
Trumbeak Route 8 Grassy Area
Fletchling Route 8 Grassy Area; Rare
Bewear Route 8 Grassy Area; Rare
Alola Rattata Route 8 Grassy Area
Wimpod Route 8 Grassy Area
Tentacool Route 8 Water (Surf)
Winggull Route 8 Water (Surf)
Lumineon Route 8 Water (Surf)
Mantyke Route 8 Water (Surf)
Magikarp Route 8 Water (Fishing)
Remoraid Route 8 Fishing (Rare)
Chinchou Route 8 Fishing (Very Rare)

Trainers Encountered

Trainer Pokemon Reward
Backpacker Kiana Eevee (Lv 20)
Rising Star Mikey Phantump (Lv 20), Trumbeak (Lv 21)
Rising Star Nikki Stufful (Lv 21)
Scientist Tyrone Amaura (Lv 20), Omanyte (Lv 20)
Preschooler Kaleb Kangaskhan (Lv 19)
Golfer Allan Hoothoot (Lv 20)
Golfer Maile Natu (Lv 20)
Karate Family Samuel and Guy Machop x2 (Lv 19 & Lv 21)

Lush Jungle

  1. When you arrive at the Lush Jungle, speak to Trial Captain Mallow to start the trial – Akala Island Part 3’s main event.
  2. Once the trial begins, Trial Captain Mallow gives you the Forage Bag to collect the items.
    • Mago Berry – Northwest area, look for a tree in the western side.
    • Honey – Check the flowering bushes near the entrance.
    • Big Root – Near a pack of Sudowoodo standing next to Lana.
  3. After finding all the items, head back and you’ll begin your battle against Lurantis.

Pokémon Encountered

Name Location Remarks
Fomantis Shade Jungle
Bonsly Shade Jungle
Metapod Shade Jungle
Trumbeak Shade Jungle
Steenee Shade Jungle
Paras Shade Jungle Day Only
Comfey Shade Jungle Rare
Pinsir Shade Jungle Rare
Hoothoot Shade Jungle Night Time Only
Morelull Shade Jungle Night Time Only (Rare)
Passimian Shade Jungle Ultra Sun Only (Very Rare)
Oranguru Shade Jungle Ultra Moon Only(Very Rare)
Golbat Shade Jungle・Cavern Use Machamp Poke ride
Alola Dugtrio Shade Jungle・Cavern Use Machamp Poke ride
Salandit Shade Jungle・Cavern Use Machamp Poke ride
Larvesta Shade Jungle・Cavern Use Machamp Poke ride

Items List

Item Name Location Remarks
Grassium Z Mallow will give it to you. Defeat the Totem Pokemon Lurantis.
Nest Ball x 10 Mallow will give it to you. Defeat the Totem Pokemon Lurantis.
TM67 (Smart Strike) Mallow will give it to you. Defeat the Totem Pokemon Lurantis.
TM86 (Grass Knot) North of the Jungle, head over to the west side of the woods. It should be in some sort of crater.
Max Revive West side of the field where the trees are near the Honey.
Hyper Potion
Super Potion Near Tall Grass Near the Mago Berry
X Defense East side of the Jungle.
Heal Powder Lower part of the path near the X Defense. Look for a darkened spot on the ground.


Totem Battle Akala Island: Lurantis

mallow's trial

  1. This is the main event for Akala Island Part 3. When the battle starts, Lurantis will gain 2 stage up boost for speed.
  2. If you got the fire type starter pokemon, this battle should be easy and just use Firrium Z.
  3. However, if you don’t have, there should be some Salandits lying around especially in Wela Volcano Park.
  4. If you have no Fire Pokemon, Flying Pokemon or Bug Pokemon will do the trick.
  5. After defeating Lurantis, you’ll get the Grassium Z, 10 Nest Balls, and TM67 (Smart Strike) from Trial Captain Mallow as a reward.

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