Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - Akala Island Kiawe’s Trial: Walkthrough

This walkthrough covers Akala Island Part 2 from the return to Paniola Ranch up to Kiawe's Island Challenge at Wela Volcano.

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Akala Island Kiawe’s Trial Walkthrough

This walkthrough covers Akala Island Part 2 from the return to Paniola Ranch up to Kiawe’s Island Challenge at Wela Volcano Park for Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon.

Story Route

  • Paniola Ranch
  • Route 6 (Grassy Area)
  • Battle Royal Dome
    • Introduction to Battle Royal DOme
  • Route 7
  • Wela Volcano Park
    • Battle with Island Captain Kiawe
    • Battle with Totem Pokemon (Salazzle)
    • Getting Firium Z-Crystal
    • Getting Charizard Ride Pager

Route 5

  1. After finishing your trial with Lana, she’ll bring you back to the Poke Centre on Route 5 while giving you information for the next trial. From there, you can try capturing more pokemon to expand your team. Or, you could also try going fishing in hopes of finding a Water type pokemon to quench out the Fire pokemon in the Kiawe’s trial.

Map Information

Wild Pokemon Location Notes
Lillipup Route 5
Pikipek Route 5
Grubbin Route 5
Caterpie Route 5 Rare
Metapod Route 5 Rare
Butterfree Route 5 Super Rare
Fomantis Route 5
Alolan Diglett Route 5


Obtainable Items Location Notes
Full Heal
Hyper Potion
TM41 “Torment” Climb the step on your right.
TM59 “Brutal Swing” As you head down, grab it from Route 8.


Trainer Pokemon Notes
Pokemon Breeder Yuka Morelull, Ledyba
Twins Isa and Nico Petilill, Cottonnee

Paniola Ranch

  1. Return to Paniola Ranch and head straight down the path. When you reach the end of the path, speak to the boy standing next to the two Sudowoodoo blocking the path. He’ll then say that the Waterium Z will drive the Sudowoodo away so, approach the Sudowoodo and they’ll disappear.
  2. Suddenly, Soliera and Phyco make their appearance at Paniola Ranch with a small cutscene where Soliera will challenge you to a match. Battle her and defeat her Poipole to win 240 pokedollars.
  3. Once you defeat her, speak to the boy to get a Mystic Water which will power up water type moves.

Trainer Encounters

Name Pokemon Reward
Ultra Recon Squad Soliera Poipole (Lv. 20) 240 pokedollars

Route 6

  1. Head down Route 6 where you’ll find a Pokemon Breeder and a young trainer on your left side. Slightly south from them, there’s an item you can grab.
  2. Keep heading south until you trigger an event and see a Mudsdale. There, you find out that there’s a little girl named Hapu being harassed by the Skull Gang. Challenge the Skull Gang Grunt’s Lv 17 Drowzee and beat it to move on.
  3. After finishing the battle, you’ll have to watch out for another battle because Beauty Brittney is waiting there with a Lv 17 Cubone.
  4. When you’re done with the battles, head east and make your way to Royal Avenue.

Area Information

Wild Pokemon Location Notes
Igglybuff Grass Uncommon, Day
Mudbray Uncommon
Lillipup Uncommon
Pikipek Uncommon
Yungoos Rare, Day
Alola Rattata Rare, Night
Grubbin Rare
Eevee Rare
Oricorio Uncommon, Southern Area


Obtainable Items Location Notes


Trainer Pokemon Notes
Dancing Family Jen and Fumiko Igglybuff, Jigglypuff
Pokemon Breeder William Bounsweet, Mareep


Name Location Notes
Mystic Water Boy near the Paniola Ranch after driving away the Sudowoodo.
Revive In front of Dancing Family Jen and Fumiko.
Rare Candy

Royal Avenue & Battle Royale Dome

  1. Head towards the Battle Royale Dome at the north of the city.
  2. Once you reach the dome, you’ll trigger a cutscene before entering. Then, enter the dome to start your Battle Royale Dome tutorial.
  3. While going through the tutorial, the Masked Royale will appear and challenge you to a battle. When you finish your battle, Hau will appear and you’ll have a short conversation with Trial Captain Kiawe.
  4. When prepared and ready, make your way down Route 7 to head for Wela Volcano Park.

Pokémon Encounters:

Name Location Notes
Lillipup Route 6 (Grassy Area)
Mudbray Route 6 (Grassy Area)
Grubbin Route 6 (Grassy Area)
Eevee Route 6 (Grassy Area)
Igglybuff Route 6 (Grassy Area) Day Time only (Ultra Sun)
Yungoos Route 6 (Grassy Area) Day Time only (Ultra moon)

Trainers Encountered

Name Location Notes
Team Skull Grunt Drowzee (Lv. 17) 544 pokédollars
Beauty Brittney Cubone (Lv. 17) 544 pokédollars
Actor Meredith Oricorio (Lv. 18)

Item List

Name Location Notes
Ultra Ball Behind the Battle Dome Look for two Palm trees nearby.
Pink Nectar Battle Dome Look for a flowering bush
Tamato Berry Thrifty Megamart Talk to the sales associate that greeted you to get the berry.
Lemonade Thrifty Megamart Approach the Drifloon in the back.

Route 7

  1. On your way to Wela Volcano Park, you’ll spot a bay with a lot of Water pokemon. If you still don’t have one, start fishing for one since Kiawe relies on fire-type pokemon.
  2. You can use Lapras to surf but don’t use boost. Otherwise, you’ll scare the pokemon in the Rare Fishing Spot.
  3. Keep hanging left on the main road of Route 7 to finally reach Wela Volcano Park.

Pokémon Encounters

Name Location Notes
Alolan Diglett Route 7 Shadow; Common
Tentacool Route 7 Water (Surfing)
Wingull Route 7 Water (Surfing)
Pyukumuku Route 7 Water (Surfing)
Magikarp Route 7 Water (Fishing)
Wishiwashi Route 7 Water (Fishing)
Staryu Route 7 Water (Rare Fishing Spot)
Kecleon Route 7 Near Dividing Peak Tunnel
Wimpod Route 7 Near Dividing Peak Tunnel

Item List

Name Location Notes
TM32 (Double Team) Route 7 Walk over to the rocks beside the Water Hole.
Max Repel Route 7 Climb up the rocky slope while heading south.
Antidote Route 7 (Water) After fighting Swimmer Casey, it should be seen near the ocean floor.

Trainers Encountered

Name Location Reward
Swimmer Dakota Basculin (Lv 18),
Psyduck (Lv 18)
Swimmer Tiare Alomola (Lv 19)
Swimmer Casey Surskit (Lv 19)
Swimmer Vanessa Shelder (Lv 18)

Wela Volcano Park

  1. Make sure you have antidotes and burn heals. Players can also grab a Hyper Potion which is on the first ledge you see.
  2. Follow the path down until you reach a tunnel where you find a girl which will tell you where the trial begins.
  3. When you get to the area, speak to Captain Kiawe and begin your trial.

Pokémon Encountered

Name Location Notes
Fletchling Wela Volcano Park Grass
Salandit Wela Volcano Park Grass
Cubone Wela Volcano Park Grass
Magby Wela Volcano Park Grass
Kangaskhan Wela Volcano Park Grass (Rare – 1%)

Item List

Name Location Notes
Firium Z Defeat the Totem Pokemon – Alola Marowak. Then, approach Kiawe to receive the Z Crystal.
TM39 (Rock Tomb) Head down from Wela Volcano Park. Travel along the north ledge near a Hiker trainer to find the TM lying there.
Antidote Near the Trial Captain Guide.
Charizard Ride After completing the Trial, Kiawe will register Charizard in your Poke Ride Pager.
Quick Ball x 10 Given by Kiawe after completing the trial.
Hyper Potion Left of the tall grass.
Float Stone From the left path, jump down until you reach the second ledge.

Trainers Encountered

Trainer Pokémon Prize
Sightseer Mariah Meowth (Lv 19)
Ace Trainer Jim Noibat (Lv 20),
Kadabra (Lv 21)
Hiker Calhoun Roggenrola (Lv 19)

Captain Kiawe’s Trial

  1. Go up the trial from the gate to find Captain Kiawe. Remember to heal your Pokemon through the Trial Guide by the gate.
  2. Since Captain Kiawe practices fire dancing, he will be challenging you to tell the dance sequences apart after he shows it to you.
The correct answers to the challenge are:
First dance 2nd Marowak
Second dance How they’re smiling
Third dance The Totem Pokemon.
  1. While you’re doing the first two dances, you will be challenged by a Lv.18 Alolan Marowak as well as a Lv.19 Magmar owned by the Hiker. Burn Heals and Super Potions will greatly benefit you here so make sure to bring some.
  2. After which, you will face up with the Totem Pokemon Alola Marowak, who is Lv.22.

Akala Island Part 2 Totem Battle: Marowak (Alola)

  1. At the start of the battle, Alola Marowak gains 2 stages up of Speed.
  2. If you fished for pokemon in Route 7, this battle shouldn’t be too hard for you. Alola Marowak is a Ghost/ Fire type which takes extra damage from water type attacks.
  3. You’ll probably have a Magikarp there and if you have it at level 20 and as Gyarados, you can easily sustain yourself from its attacks.
  4. But other Water Type Pokemon can defeat Alola Marowak and if you have Dark Type moves, it should deal heavy damage as well.
  5. Make sure you bring some Burn Heals to heal up the burns.
  6. After defeating him, you get a Firrium Z for Fire type Z moves. Not only that, you have a new pokeride: Charizard.
  7. Getting Charizard registered to your Ride Pager also means that you can now visit the Poke Pelago islands to get an endless supply of Poke Beans!
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