Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - Poni Island Grand Trial: Walkthrough

Poni Island Walkthrough consists of the adventures in Poni Island from Seafolk Village to Vast Poni Canyon in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon.

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Poni Island

Seafolk Village

This walkthrough will guide players on the main adventure on Ultra Sun and Moon Poni Island. This includes info on Pokemon, Items, Trials and the Island Kahuna of Ultra Sun and Moon Poni Island as well as general directions of the Ultra Sun and Moon Poni Island map.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Walkthrough Directory

Story Route

  • Seafolk Village
  • Poni Wilds
  • Ancient Poni Path
    • Meet Hapu and obtain a new Poke Ride.
  • Poni Breaker Coast
    • Borrow Machamp’s power and solve the block puzzle.
  • Ruins of Hope
  • Seafolk Village (Revisited)
  • Exeggutor Island
    • Search for the flute.
  • Ancient Poni Path
    • Defeat Team Skull.
  • Vast Poni Canyon
    • Encounter the Ultra Recon Squad.
    • Surpass the Dragon-type Trial.

Seafolk Village

  1. Once you arrive at Poni Island, head towards the big tree ahead.
  2. Go to the Poni wilds and talk to Hapu.

Poni Wilds

  1. Head east after entering Poni Wilds to the Ancient Poni Path.

Map Information

Wild Pokemon Location Notes
Inkay Grass  –
Granbull Grass  –
Item Location Notes
Dusk Stone

Ancient Poni Path

  1. When you reach the location a cutscene with Hapu will take place.
  2. You can have your party healed by following Hapu’s grandmother by talking to her Miltank.
    • Her grandmother will bestow you with the Ride Pager Machamp.
    • Having this Ride Pager helps to unlock the Ruins of Hope.
  3. Head east and follow the path to reach Poni Breaker Coast.

Map Information

Wild Pokemon Location Notes
Pelipper Grass
Wild Pokemon Location Notes
Ride Pager Machamp Talk to Hapu’s grandmother
TM55 (Scald) Southeast section of the map

Poni Breaker Coast

  1. To start the trial, go east and then enter the Ruins of Hope.

Map Information

Wild Pokemon Location Notes
Wailmer  Surf
Item Location Notes
Pearl String Before the Ruins of Hope

Ruins of Hope

  1. Proceed to the entrance of the Ruins of Hope to trigger a cutscene with Lillie.
    • Clear the path of blocks by calling Ride Pager Machamp.

Puzzle Strategy

  • First, move the left block upwards three times.
  • Then, move the block located in the middle to the right just once.
  • Finally, drop the same block in the hole that is 2 squares up.
  1. There will be a ceremony going on when you arrive. Your next destination is Exeggutor Island.

Seafolk Village (Revisited)

  1. Return to Seafolk Village.
  2. Head to the Poni Meadows and ride the S.S. Magikarp ship to get there.

Exeggutor Island

  1. When you arrive on Exeggutor Island, you will be attacked by Exeggutor. It is also worth noting that this is the only location where you can catch Alolan Exeggutor in the game.
  2. Help 3 Exeggutors then head straight to find the pedestal.
  3. Head to the end of the island and listen to information from Lillie. A pedestal is found at the back of the island. To get the Flute, examine it. The type of flute you will get depends on what version of the game you are playing.
  4. Afterwards, ride the S.S. Magikarp back to Poni Island.
  5. Your next destination is the Ancient Poni Path north of the island.
 Map Information
Item Location Notes
Revive North of the slope

Ancient Poni Path

  1. When you reach the fork, continue north along to arrive at Vast Poni Canyon.
  2. You will encounter a pair of Team Skull Grunts.
  3. Defeat the two Team Skull Trainers.
    • Plumeria will then appear giving you the Poisonium Z-Crystal.
    • Talk to Lillie to heal your Pokemon.
  4. Follow the path to Vast Poni Canyon.

Vast Poni Canyon

  1. Once you arrive at the location, a cutscene will occur.
  2. Defeat Ultra Recon Squad Dulse (Ultra Sun) or Ultra Recon Squad Soliera (Ultra Moon).
  3. When you reach the cave’s entrance, Lillie will give you a Max Revive, then she will restore your party to full health.
  4. When you reach the suspension bridge, an event will commence. Have Lillie restore your party’s HP again.
  5. You can have Lillie restore your party’s HP for every 3 battles finished.
  6. The trial will begin upon entering the cave which pits you against Jangmo-o, Hakamo-o, and Kommo-o.

Totem Battle: Lv. 49 Kommo-o, Lv. 48 Noivern

  • In this battle you will face: Lv. 49 Kommo-o, Lv. 48 Noivern
  • Use Ghost-types such as Marowak (Alola) or Mimikyu to deal with Kommo-o. Alternatively, if you have a Pokemon with high defense, you can take advantage of it by using the item X Defense.
  • Kommo-o relies on recovery with Drain Punch, so be sure to use Pokemon that resist it such as Sylveon or Primarina.
  • Another way to deal with it effectively is to neuter its high base attack by shuffling intimidates with Gyarados. In return, Gyarados can whittle it down with its coverage move Ice Fang.

  1. Once you finish the trial, you will be rewarded with the Z-Crystal Dragonium-Z.
  2. Exit the trial area and continue to the Altar of the Sunne/ Altar of the Moone.

Map Information

Item Location Notes
Protein Near the hole where the Backpacker stands.
Nugget The location beyond the suspension bridge.
Dragonium Z After defeating the Totem Pokemon Kommo-o.
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