Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - Ultra Space: Walkthrough

On your journey to Ultra Space, you will have to battle familiar faces in Ultra Megalopolis before you can continue the adventure back to Seafolk Village.

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Ultra Space Walkthrough

This walkthrough will guide players to finish the main adventure in Ultra Space. The page includes information on how to find certain Pokemon, Trainer Battles, and Items.

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Story Route

  • Altar of the Sunne/ Altar of the Moone
  • Ultra Megalopolis
  • Altar of the Sunne/ Altar of the Moone (Revisited)

Altar of the Sunne/ Altar of the Moone

  1. When you reach the location, Lillie will restore your party’s HP to full health.
  2. Scale the steps to reach the altar, then play the Sunne Flute/ Moone Flute.
  3. After using the Key Item, Dusk Mane Necrozma (Ultra Sun) or Dawn Wings Necrozma (Ultra Moon) will challenge you to a battle.
  4.  Once you defeat it, you get to travel to Ultra Megalopolis by riding the legendary Pokemon Lunala (Ultra Sun) or Solgaleo (Ultra Moon). Proceed to the shiny wormhole to commence the Ultra Wormhole adventure.

Ultra Megalopolis

  1. Follow the lighthouse-looking structure to initiate a cutscene involving the Ultra Recon Squad.
  2. Climb to the topmost floor.
  3. After you defeat the boss, you will receive the Ultra Beast Poipole.

Map Information

Pokemon Location Remarks
Poipole Ultra Megalopolis You can decline their offer and receive Poipole at a later time

Pokemon Battle: Ultra Necrozma

  • In this battle you will face the powerful Legendary Lv. 60 Ultra Necrozma.
  • The best way to deal with the Prism Pokemon is to bring a durable Steel-type such as Bisharp since it resists Ultra Necrozma’s Power Gem and is immune to its Photon Geyser.
  • Alternatively, you may opt to send out a reasonably trained Scrafty or Umbreon both could capitalize on their high Special Defense stats.

Altar of the Sunne/ Altar of the Moone (Revisited)

  1. After the battle, a cutscene with the Ultra Recon Squad will continue.
  2. Aether President Lusamine appears and will give you to Beast Balls x3.
  3. Fly back to Seafolk Village.

Map Information

Item Location Notes
3 Beast Balls After defeating Necrozma, Lusamine will reward you with 3 Beast Balls
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  1. If you bring a Bisharp or Scrafty you can beat it easy, as long as you use 1-2 roto boosts you will be in the green light to OHKO necrozma