Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - Poni Island Mina’s Trial: Walkthrough

In Mina's Trial, you will have to defeat the trial captains in each island in order to fight the Fairy-type Totem Pokemon.

Poni Island Mina’s Trial Walkthrough

This walkthrough will guide players on Mina’s Trial on Ultra Sun and Moon Poni Island. Click here to go to our Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Walkthrough Directory!

Mina's Trial


Story Route

  • Seafolk Village
    • Battle Mina
  • Hau’oli Cemetery
    • Battle Ilima
  • Lush Jungle
    • Battle Lana/Mallow
  • Wela Volcano Park
    • Battle Kiawe
  • Mount Hokulani/Route 15
    • Battle Sophocles/Nanu
  • Seafolk Village
    • Battle the Totem Pokemon

Seafolk Village

  1. Go to Mina’s house and talk to her. A battle with Mina commences.

Trainer Battle: Captain Mina

  • Mina uses a Lv.51 Mawile, a Lv.51 Granbull, and a Lv.51 Ribombee.
  • Since she specializes in using Fairy-type Pokemon, you can use a Steel-type Pokemon to exploit its weakness. In addition, it is better if you use Pokemon with high Sp. Atk.

  1. After the battle, Mina gives you a Pink Petal item. You will need to battle 3 more captains in order to get other colored petals.
  2. Head to Hau’oli Cemetery to defeat the second captain.

Hau’oli Cemetery

  1. After talking to Hau, the battle with Captain Ilima commences.

Trainer Battle: Captain Ilima

  • Ilima uses a Lv.51 Gumshoos, a Lv.51 Smeargle, and a Lv.51 Komala.
  • Have several Pokemon with high defense as the Pokemon that the captain has specializes on physical attacks.

  1. Head to Lush Jungle after the battle.

Lush Jungle

  1. Battle Captain Lana (Ultra Moon) or Captain Mallow (Ultra Sun).

Trainer Battle: Captain Lana (Ultra Moon)

Trainer Battle: Captain Mallow (Ultra Sun)

  1. You will be given the Blue Petal (Ultra Moon) or the Green Petal (Ultra Sun) after the battle.
  2. Head to Wela Volcano Park.

Wela Volcano Park

  1. Battle Captain Kiawe.

Trainer Battle: Captain Kiawe

  1. After the battle, you will have to fight a Lv.48 Magmar. After defeating the Pokemon, you will be given the Red Petal item.
  2. Head to Mount Hokulani.

Mount Hokulani

  1. In Mount Hokulani, you will have to fight either Sophocles (Ultra Sun) or Nanu (Ultra Moon)
  2. Obtain the Yellow Petal item from Sophocles in the observatory. You will have to fight him in Ultra Sun in order to get the item, but in Ultra Moon he will just give it to you immediately.

Trainer Battle: Captain Sophocles (Ultra Sun)

Route 15

  1. Head to Aether House and battle Captain Nanu in the area. You won’t have to battle him in Ultra Sun, just talk to him and he will give you the Black Petal.

Trainer Battle: Captain Nanu (Ultra Moon)

  • Nanu uses a Lv.52 Sableye, a Lv.52 Absol, and a Lv.52 Persian (Alola).
  • Use Fighting-type and Fairy-type Pokemon for an easier battle.

  1. After the battle, head to Seafolk Village.

Seafolk Village

  1. Present the petals to Mina and she will give you the Rainbow Flower item.
  2. The battle with the Totem Pokemon commences.

Totem Pokemon: Ribombee

  • The Totem Ribombee is Lv.55. It calls a Lv.53 Pelipper and a Lv.53 Blissey.
  • Use Steelium Z against Ribombee for an easier battle.

  1. You will be given a Fairium Z after defeating the Totem Pokemon and completing Mina’s Trial.

Map Information

Item Location Notes
Fairium Z After defeating the Totem Pokemon.
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