Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - Ulaula Island Sophocles’ Trial: Walkthrough

This page contains a Walkthrough for Ulaula Island Part 1 This part takes place from arrival at Malie City to Sophocles' Trials and in-game stats.

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Ulaula Island Sophocles’ Trial Walkthrough

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Story Route

  • Malie City
    • Battle your rival Hau.
    • Encounter Lillie.
    • Visit the Malie City public library.
  • Optional Areas
    • Explore the Outer Cape.
  • Route 10
    • Defeat Team Skull.
    • Take the bus.
  • Mount Hokulani
    • Challenge Pokemon Trainer Molayne.
  • Hokulani Observatory
    • Take the Electric-type trial.
    • Return to Malie City.

Heahea City

  1. After completing all the trials, use Charizard to leave and make your way back to Heahea City.
  2. When you arrive at Heahea City, make your way to Hano Grand Resort.

Hano Grand Resort

  1. Once you enter, an Aether Paradise Employee will approach you and a conversation will ensue.
  2. If you answer yes, you’ll immediately be taken to Aether Paradise.

Aether Paradise

  1. When you reach Aether Paradise, you’ll speak to Wicke.
  2. While talking to her, the Ultra Beast Nihilego (Lv 29) will attack. Because Nihilego’s an Ultra Beast, it has a bit of a boost. You can use a Z move to finish it off easy.
  3. Once you defeat Nihilego, the Ultra Recon Squad will appear and a conversation will ensure.
  4. After the battle, you’ll receive TM29 (Psychic) from Wicke.
  5. Once you receive TM29 from Wicke, make your way to Malie City.
Item Location
 TM29 (Psychic) Received from Wicke after defeating Nihilego.


Pokemon Location
Nihilego Aether Paradise

Malie City

  1. Once you arrive in Malie City, you’ll encounter Hau who will challenge you to a battle.
  2. After defeating him, you’ll receive a Lycanium Z. After that, make your way up to Malie Garden.
Starter Pokemon Hau’s Team
Popplio Torracat (Lv 30), Raichu (Alola) (Lv 28), Eevee (Lv 28), Noibat (Lv 28), Tauros (Lv 28)
Litten Dartrix (Lv 30), Raichu (Alola) (Lv 28), Eevee (Lv 28), Noibat (Lv 28), Tauros (Lv 28)
Rowlet Brionne (Lv 30), Raichu (Alola) (Lv 28), Eevee (Lv 28), Noibat (Lv 28), Tauros (Lv 28)

Defeating Hau isn’t hard as long as you know how to counter his pokemon. Fighting type attacks can handle Eevee and Tauros. Noibat can take damage from Ice attacks and your starter pokemon can beat his.

Item Location
Lycanium Z Defeat Hau and win it as a reward.

Malie Garden

  1. Head to the tea house at the north side of the map.
  2. Speak to Professor Kukui in the tea room.
  3. A cutscene will ensue and redirect you to Malie City.

Day Only

Pokemon Location
Ledian Grass Patches
Araquanid Grass Patches

Night Only

Pokemon Location
Ariados Grass Patches
Masquerain Grass Patches
Pokemon Location
Alolan Meowth Grass Patches
Poliwhirl Grass Patches
Psyduck Grass Patches
Cottonee Grass Patches
Item Location
TM73 (Thunder Wave) End of the Northwest side of the map.

Malie City

  1. After to speaking to Lillie on the main road, head to the Malie Library at the northwest portion of the city.
  2. Once you reach the library, an event between you, Lillie, and Hapu will ensue.
  3. Follow Lillie up to the second floor to talk to Acerola.
  4. After that, head to Route 10 outside of Malie City.
Pokemon Location
Happiny  Trade a Pancham
Item Location
 TM76 (Fly) Talk to the Johto tourist inside the library
TM21 (Frustration) Interact with the Oranguru during the evening at the Malasada Shop
TM27 (Return) Interact with the Oranguru during the evening at the Malasada Shop

Route 10

  1. Once you make your way through Route 10, you’ll have to battle a Team Skull Grunt.
  2. Defeat the Team Skull Grunt and speak to Dr. Kukui. You’ll then be redirected to Mt. Hokulani.
Pokemon Location
 Fearow Forest
Alolan Rattata Grass
Skarmory Forest
Item Location
 Super Potion North side of the grass near the Firefighter Trainer.
Max Revive Grass patch northwest near an elderly trainer.
Trainer Information
Fire Fighter Old Woman Police Officer

Mt. Hokulani

  1. Once you reach Mt. Hokulani Observatory, talk to Professor Kukui and Molayne. After speaking to them, they’ll give you the Steelium Z in reward.
Trainer Information
Office Worker Jessica Hiker Thomas Golfer Sky
Collector Todd Veteran Akira
Item Location
 TM72(Volt Switch) Check the northeast cliff
TM95(Snarl) Defeat Veteran Akira
Moon Ball Talk to Samson Oak
Fast Ball Inspect the road leading down the hill
  1. Head deeper into the observatory to start with the first part.
  2. You’ll have to answer a few questions to get past the security. When you do, Sophocles starts the trial.
  3. Once the trial begins, you’ll have to deal with the puzzle.
  4. Puzzle Answers:
    First time: 1 upper left switch, 1 right upper switch.
    Second time: 1 lower left switch, 2 lower right switch.
    Third time: 1 lower left switch, 1 upper right switches, 2 upper left switches
  5. Once you solve the puzzle, you’ll have to fight the Totem Pokemon: Togedemaru.

Ula’ula Totem Pokemon: Togedemaru

  1. To defeat Togedemaru, throw Ground type attacks at it. It’s also weak against Fighting and Fire attacks due to it being half Steel type.
  2. Once you defeat it, you’ll receive the Electrium Z for completing the trial.
Item Location
Steelium Z Speak to Molayne at the entrance of Mt. Hokulani.
Electrium Z Defeat Togedemaru.

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  1. When you fight Hau and your starter is Rowlet he has a lv 28 Flareon so I am also assuming that if you had popplio it would be jolteon and litten it would be vaporeon