Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - Ulaula Island Grand Trial: Walkthrough

Ulaula Island Walkthrough Part 3 consists of the adventures in UlaulaIsland from Route 15 to the Ferry Terminal Exit in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon..

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Ulaula Island Grand Trial Walkthrough

Ulaula Island Walkthrough Part 3 covers Route 15 up to the Ferry Terminal Exit. As you go through Pokemon Ultra Sun Moon, you’ll notice some slight differences especially from the old games. One of them would be the reworking of the trials. Some of the trials in Ulaula Island may have been reworked to suit the new alternative universe.

Story Route

  • Route 15
  • Route 16
  • Ulaula Meadow
  • Route 17
  • Po Town
    • Mysterious Mansion
  • Po Town (Revisited)
  • Route 15
  • Ferry Terminal Exit

Route 15

  1. Go to the Team Skull base in Po Town.
  2. Approach Hau in front of the Aether House to trigger a cutscene. You will challenged by Team Skull Admin Plumeria again.  After the battle, go back to Po Town to retrieve the stolen Pokemon.

Trainer Battle: Team Skull Admin Plumeria

  1. Once the battle ends, return to the Aether House to activate another cutscene. After the dialogue ends, you will receive a Rare Candy.
  2. Continue to the coast on the west and speak to Grimsley to receive the Ride Pager Sharpedo.
  3. Ride Sharpedo and ram through the rocks to reach the sandy beach northwest of the Pokemon Center.

Map Information

Wild Pokemon Location Notes
Tentacruel Surf
Item Location Notes
Ride Pager Sharpedo Grimsley
TM62 (Acrobatics) Near the building on the central sandy beach
Trainer Pokemon Reward
Swimmer Shikki

Route 16

  1. Continue west of the Pokemon Center to find Ula’ula Meadow.

Map Information

Wild Pokemon Location Notes
Item Location Notes
Behind the Aether House. Defeat the Preschooler.
Trainer Pokemon Reward
Preschooler Haruna

Ula’ula Meadow

  1. At Ula’ula Meadow, an event involving Faba will occur.
  2. Once you’ve stepped on the red patch of grass, you will encounter a wild Pokemon. Follow the northern path of the garden to reach Route 17.

Route 17

  1. Head to Ulaula Island Part 2 – Team Skull’s base to initiate a double battle.
  2. A cutscene will commence requiring you to answer the question.
  3. Select an answer and you may now enter Po Town.

Po Town

  1. Po Town will have a lot of Team Skull grunts loitering around.
    • There will be a barricade there, so you have to find another way to move forward.
    • You can find an abandoned Pokemon Center here, however the attendant has been replaced by Team Skull members. Should you wish to heal your Pokemon, you need to pay a fee of 10 pokedollars. Moreover, you cannot use the PC inside.
  2. You can enter the passage by looking for a hole in a wall.
    • The hole is located at the left near the barricade, but all barricades that will come after the first one will have a hole on the left side, and each time you enter through a barricade, you would have to battle the Team Skull guards.
  3. Go inside the mysterious mansion.

Mysterious Mansion

  1. You need to answer with a series of passwords to enter the Boss’ Room.
  2. The notes are scattered inside the mansion, the first one appears on the southwest room on 2F, second spawns on the northwest room on 1F, and the last is by the stairway on the northeast on 1F.
  3. The password sequence is indicated below.
    • First answer: Beat Up
    • Second answer: Golisopod
    • Third answer: Tapu Cocoa
    • And then finally, answer “NO” for the last question.
  4. Once you unlock the door, go inside and prepare to battle Team Skull Leader Guzma.

Trainer Battle: Team Skull Leader Guzma

  • This trainer uses: Lv. 41 Golisopod, Lv. 41 Pinsir, Lv. 41 Masquerain.
  • In comparison to his team in the previous games, he now has Masquerain which has Air Slash. Since he specializes in Bug types, your best bet is to rely on Flying types.
  • Gyarados is a solid choice because of its awesome typing which not only resists bug but also water type attacks. It also carries the Intimidate ability, which provides some cushion against his Pokemon’s physical attacks. Use Dragon Dance to increase your attack and defeat him easily. You can also try to cycle Intimidate and whittle Golisopod down using Dragon Rage.
  • If you are particularly worried about his Masquerain, make sure to use X Special Defense on your Flying-type.

Map Information

Item Location Notes
Buginium Z After defeating Team Skull Leader Guzma
(Sludge Bomb)
The left room in the second floor

Po Town (Revisited)

  1. Once you leave the mansion you will encounter Nanu in Po Town.
  2. Once the event ends, summon the Ride Pager Charizard and return to the Aether House on Route 15.

Route 15

Trainer Battle: Pokemon Trainer Gladion

  • This trainer uses: Lv. 42 Golbat, Lv. 42 Type: Null, Lv. 42 Zoroark
  • He now swapped his Sneasel for Zoroark. Fortunately, Type: Null, and Zoroark share the same glaring weakness to Fighting-types. However the Fighting Pokemon is ineffective against Golbat, so be sure to have an Electric-type such as Golbat on the reserve slot.
  • Alternatively, if Gyarados can cycle intimidates early, it can snowball through his entire team after stacking Dragon Dance.
  1. After the battle, Gladion will ask you to come with him to the ferry terminal. Before you can leave, Island Kahuna Nanu will challenge you to a battle.

Trainer Battle: Island Kahuna Nanu

  • This trainer uses: Lv. 43 Sableye, Lv. 43 Krokorok, Lv. 43 Persian (Alola)
  • Nanu specializes in Dark type Pokemon which means that Fairy types like Primarina and Sylveon can make quick work of his team using super-effective attacks.
  • Another recommended Pokemon is Mimikyu which takes neutral damage to his Pokemon’s dark type attacks, but can dish out heavy physical damage using Fairy-type moves.

Ferry Terminal Exit

  1. Once you defeat Nanu, he will reward you with the Darkinium Z-Crystal.
  2. Hau will now be at the ferry terminal. Sail with the team to Aether Paradise.
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