Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - Status Condition Basics: Guide

This Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon basics guide focuses on the Status Condition system found in the game. We will describe each Status Condition below.

Status Condition

Status Condition refers to the state of the Pokémon displayed in the status. These often have adverse effects on the Pokémon.

Specifically, Status Condition refers to Sleep, Poisoned, Badly Poisoned, Burn, Paralysis, and Fainted effects. Each status condition will be explained below.


  • Some items have properties that may cure Status Conditions. However, these are limited to the types they can remove.
  • Pokémon affected by “Safeguard” or “Misty Terrain” don’t receive Status Conditions.
  • If you have a “Lum Berry,” immediately consume it and recover from a Status Condition.


Your Pokémon will fall asleep for several turns. You can not use techniques apart from “Snore” or “Sleep Talk.”

  • Pokémon will be put to sleep from 2 up to 4 turns.
    • When it’s time for your Pokémon to move,  the count will reach -1 and becomes 0. Your Pokémon will wake up at the same time and can finally draw a skill, so the real duration of its sleep will be about 1 to 3 turns.

Immunities and Exceptions

  • Pokémon with “Vital Spirit,” or “Insomnia,” can not be put to sleep.
  • Pokémon “Sweet Veil,” and similar abilities cannot sleep.
  • A Pokémon in an “Uproar” state cannot be put to sleep.
  • Pokémon affected by “Electric Terrain” cannot be put to sleep.
  • “Mold Breaker,” “Insomnia,” and “Vital Spirit,” Pokémon can be put to sleep, but will recover from the state immediately after sleeping.
  • If your Pokémon has “Early Bird,” it will quickly recover from the sleep state.


Target Pokémon receive 1/8th of the maximum HP damage at the end of its turn.

Badly Poisoned

At the end of your turn, you will receive 1/16th of your max HP. As each turn ends, another 1/16th of your max HP will be added to the poison damage dealt to you. The damage you receive worsens, meaning you take more damage with each succeeding turn.

  • The number resets when you swap your Pokémon .
    • It takes 15 for the poison to wear off.
      • The word “Poison” will be displayed during battle. It’s different in color and state from “Poisoned,” being darker in font color.

Immunities and Exceptions

  • GroundSteel type Pokémon are a lot more resistant to the “Poison” state.
  • Pokémon with a x0 or “Immunity” will not be “Poisoned” or “Badly Poisoned.”
  • The ability “Mold Breaker,” will ignore immunities, giving the user a chance to inflict Poison on an enemy. However, targets may recover immediately after.
  • “Magic Guard” and “Poison Heal” negates poison damage, but Pokémon with these abilities still receive the Poison state.
  • If you have a “Pecha Berry,” your Pokémon will take no damage while retaining the poisoned state.
  • The ability “Synchronize” allows you to poison opponents that poison you.


When damage is calculated, the target Pokémon’s attack power is halved. You also receive 1/16th of the maximum HP damage at the end of your turn.

Immunities and Exceptions

  • Fire-type Pokémon can not be inflicted with the “Burn” status condition.
  • A Pokémon with “Magic Guard,” will not receive damage.
  • The “Heatproof” ability decreases Burning damage. (1/16 of maximum HP)
  • Pokémon with the “Water Veil” ability will not be burned.
  • If you have Rawst Berry, you will still get burnt but will recover from the state.


This Status Condition lowers speed by half (negated by Quick Feet). The Pokémon has risk of losing their turn due to succumbing to paralysis.

Immunities and Exceptions

  • Electric-type Pokémon do not get paralyzed.
  • Pokémon with the “Limber” ability will not be paralyzed.
  • If you have a Cherry Berry, immediately consume it to recover from paralysis.
  • Magic Guard does not prevent the Paralysis status condition.


The Pokémon is frozen in place. It cannot move at all. You have a 25% chance of canceling this status when you use a skill.

Immunities and Exceptions

  • “Flame Wheel,” “Flare Blitz,” “Sacred Fire,” and “Scald” can be used to cancel the “Frozen” state.
  • Fire-type Pokémon cannot be frozen.
  • Pokémon wearing “Magma Armor” cannot be frozen.
  • Using Fire-type moves on a frozen Pokémon will cancel out the state, except for Will-o’-wisp.
  • Using an Aspear Berry, immediately consume it to recover from the condition.


When a Pokémon faints, it cannot fight anymore. This happens when the HP of the Pokémon becomes 0. Fainting removes all status conditions. Use a Revive or Max Revive to wake these Pokémon up.

How to Cure Status Conditions

There are some Status Conditions that will be canceled if you switch the Pokémon .

Some Status Conditions can be cured by the “Aromatherapy” skill.

The following table shows what Status Conditions can be cured by Aromatherapy.

Cured by Aromatherapy Poison, Toxic, Burn, Sleep, Paralyze
Cannot be cured by Aromatherapy Frozen, Fainted

Buffs and Debuffs

A buff or debuff refers to the status condition of the Pokémon that is not displayed in the status. Buffs are beneficial, while Debuffs are unbeneficial for Pokémon. Specifically, it refers to “Confusion,” “Flinch,” and “Attract” state. These may be considered Status Conditions as well.

Buffs and debuffs can be removed by withdrawing the Pokémon from the battle.

  • It can overlap with status conditions.
    • “Baton Pass” transfers any status conditions, including buffs and debuffs, to a target Pokémon .

Immunities and Exceptions

  • Heal bell and Aromatherapy cannot remove buffs and debuffs. (Except for Nightmare)
  • Buffs and debuffs cannot be prevented by Safeguard. (Except for Confusion)
  •  “Guts”, “Quick Feet,” and “Marvel Scale,” do not affect buffs and debuffs.


Attack yourself with 30% probability. The attack you receive has physical attack power of 40. Confusion lasts from 2 up to 5 turns (or 1 to 4 turns, because you have the choice to immediately heal your Pokémon ).

  • Continue turn
    • The number of turns will advance during their own actions (if you did not act due to sleeping, the number of continuing turns will increase as the turn progresses).

Exceptions to Confusion

  • Pokémon with “Focus Sash,” or “Focus Band,” will be immune to confusion.
  • “Reflect” is ignored by sufferers of this debuff.
  • Confusion negates the effect of “Wonder Guard.”
  • Confusion is not affected by “Technician.”
  • Pokémon with “Own Tempo”are immune to confusion.
  • Immediately consume a “Persim Berry” to recover from Confusion.
  • “Baton Pass,” also transfers Confusion to the target Pokémon .


The Pokémon will not act that turn.


The opponent’s attack hits regardless of its evasion stat. Ghost-types will be also hit by normal and fighting moves.

Miracle Eye

Much like foresight, an attack ignores evasion stat. If the target of this move is a Dark-type, the target will be vulnerable to Psychic moves.

Defense Curl

The power of “Ice Ball,” and “Rollout,” doubles.


This status condition increases evasion by two levels.

Exceptions to Minimize

The following moves will hit the target regardless of Minimize:

  • Phantom Force
  • Shadow Force
  • Dragon Rush
  • Body Slam
  • Steamroller
  • Stomp
  • Flying Press
  • Heavy Slam


Ingrain causes you to recover up to 1/16th of the maximum HP at the end of each turn. If you have “Big Root”, the recovery amount will be 1.3 times (rounded off).

  • If you don’t have “Shed Shell”, you cannot use the “Switch” command.

Exceptions to Ingrain

  • Pokémon will not be affected by their opponent’s “Circle Throw,” “Dragon Tail,” “Whirlwind,” and “Roar.”
  • In the case of “Levitate”, the Pokémon will get influenced by the location as the Pokémon gets hit by the skill.
  • “Magnet Rise” will fail, and if the Pokémon already has “Magnet Rise,” it gets influenced by the environment as it gets hit by the skill.
  • “Baton Pass,” also transfers Ingrain.

Aqua Ring

At the end of the turn, your HP will recover by 1/16th the amount of your max HP. With the “Big Root” move, you can recover 1.3 times the amount of your max HP.

Exceptions to Aqua Ring

  • Baton Pass also carries over Aqua Ring to the target Pokémon .

Magnet Rise

The Pokémon becomes immune to Ground-type attacks for 5 turns.

Exception of Magnet Rise

  • If the target has the “Ingrain” status, it will be damaged by ground attacks even with Magnet Rise.
  • When you receive “Smack Down, you’ll fall like any other Flying-type Pokémon , and you won’t get back Magnet Rise again.
  • The move “Gravity” also cancels Magnet Rise.
  • “Baton Pass” passes this condition to the target Pokémon .


Critical Rate +1


This Pokémon will sleep at the end of its turn. The yawn state will be removed once the Pokémon falls asleep.


If the Pokémon falls asleep, it will be damaged, taking 1/4 of the maximum HP. The condition will be removed once the Pokémon wakes up.


Use the technique you used the last 3 consecutive turns.

Heal Block

The target Pokémon cannot recover HP through abilities, moves, and items. Heal Block will cause every healing move to fail.

Leech Seed

At the end of the turn, you will be damaged by up to 1/8th of your HP. The opponent recovers HP by that amount as well.

Mean Look

The target Pokémon cannot swap itself out. It can only stand in its place.

Perish Song

All Pokémon will faint in three turns.

How to cure Buffs and Debuffs

These state changes automatically get better when you swap out one Pokémon for another.

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