Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - Recommended Items in the Early Game: Guide

Stockpile on the Recovery, Capturing, and Battle Items by checking our Recommended Items in the Early Game for Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

Recommended Items in the Early Game

Recovery Items

Recommended Items in the Early Game - Recovery Items

During the early game progression, your Pokemon will be exposed to multiple battles ranging from wild encounters, trainer battles, to trial Pokemon. If there is a Pokemon Center close to your location, it is easy to train your Pokemon. However, you will eventually cross caves and bodies of water which are far from Pokemon Centers.

Regardless of how long you train your Pokemon, the amount of HP increase it gains is not enough if it faces multiple battles in quick succession. Be sure to stockpile on Recovery Items such as Potion, Fresh Water, and Super Potion.

Status Condition Recovery Items

Some opponents rely on crippling your Pokemon in order to win. A Pokemon afflicted with a status condition performs worse than a healthy one due to the stat decrease it inflicts on the former. For example, when “Paralyzed,” the Pokemon moves slower than most opponents. To cure “Paralysis,” use a “Paralyze Heal” on the affected Pokemon. Another status condition is “Sleep” which prevents the Pokemon from moving for a few turns. To cure “Sleep,” use an “Awakening.”

If your Pokemon faints, it will be marked with the “Fainted” status on the party screen. To cure “Fainted” Pokemon, use the item “Revive.”

You can also use Poke Refresh to remove certain status conditions outside of battle. Simply tap the icon on the menu screen, then use the leftmost tool to wipe off all the traces of the status condition.

Click here to see a list of Recovery Items and here for the Status Conditions.

Capturing Items

Capturing Items - Pokemon Ball

Located in the Balls pocket are capturing items. These items allow trainers to capture wild Pokemon for keeps and raises the amount of Pokemon obtained on your party. If your party is full the Pokemon gets sent automatically to the PC (Pokemon Box). For early game progression, the staple capturing item is the Poke Ball.

Whenever you purchase ten Poke Balls, you will receive a free Premier Ball from the attendant. Since you are guaranteed one Premier Ball for each purchase, it is best to buy Poke Balls in tens.

If you manage to accumulate a generous sum of money, you can alternatively purchase Great Balls instead.

Click here to see a list of Ball Items.

Battle Items

Items that raise the stat of a Pokemon by two stages are called Battle Items. Similar to stat-boosting moves, these provide a temporary increase in the Pokemon’s stat. There are many Battle Items that can be either picked up or bought from the Pokemon Center shops. Look for “X Attack” and “X Defense” before you partake of your next trial as these help your Physically offensive Pokemon stand a chance against Totem Pokemon and Grand Trials.

If you plan to assign your Pokemon to withstand more damage while it has a moderate amount of HP, have it use “X Defense” when faced with a Physical attacker, or “X Sp. Def” when dealing with a Special attacker.

On the other hand, if you want to raise the Pokemon’s damage dealt have it use “X Attack” if it uses a Physical move or “X Sp. Atk” if it uses a Special move.

Click here to see a list of Battle Items.

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