Destiny 2 Titan Guides, Skills, Movement, Subclasses and Others

Titan Guide and Strategies

This page will tell you the Destiny 2 Titan Guides. The Titan is the Destiny 2 class that’s basically not only capable of dishing large amounts of damage in a short period of time, but as well as tank all enemy incoming damage. The titan class has two subclasses that focuses on each of its main capabilities, damage and protection. The Sentinel, which focuses mainly on defending and being tanky to accommodate large amounts of damage from enemies, and the Striker, capable of inputting massive damage to unwary foes that comes in their way.

Each has its own unique gameplay even if they are coming from the same class. It is up to the player himself on how he can fully utilize the Titan subclasses to defeat their enemy and make their class proud. Just remember that each subclass must be played according to what they are strong as. Just like the Sentinel surpasses the Striker in terms of defense, the Striker is clearly the victor when it comes to dealing great damage. Remember to play each in accordance to what they are capable of.

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  • Rally Barricade – holding Circle or B will create a small barrier that will allow you to peek over while you’re aiming down sights. Will instantly reload your weapon whenever you take cover.
  • Tower Barricade – holding Circle or B will create a larger barrier than that of the Rally Barricade.


  • Strafe Lift – will give you strong control over your directions.
  • High Lift – will give you a higher lift into the air .
  • Catapult Lift – will give you a strong burst of momentum.

Super Ability, Sentinel Shield

  • L1 + R1/ LB + RB – will summon a shield of Void Light.
  • R1/RB – will attack with your shield.
  • L1/LB – will throw your shield.
  • Holding L2/LT – will guard.


Other Job Classes

Job Classes
 Hunter Warlock Titan

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