Destiny 2 Sentinel: Subclass Guides, Grenade Abilities and Others

This article contains information about the Destiny 2 Sentinel Titan Guides and Strategies that includes its super abilities, grenade abilities and more!

Destiny 2 Sentinel Guides and Strategies

The Destiny 2 Sentinel excels in defense using its shield as the front-line for his defense on the onslaught of assaults that will surely come in his way. The Sentinel Titan is capable of restoring health for both you and your allies, create shielding domes and shields to both you and your allies.

Remember that you are the tank of the team and you must intercept the enemy as much as possible. Always head into the battle first and charge the enemies with your shield. Your allies will be very happy to freely hit against the enemies. Do not be afraid when you are in front of enemy fire as being the tank, you will have the shield to accommodate the continuous damage from the enemy, and your teammates will be covering you as you tank the damage.

Destiny 2 Sentinel

Super Shield: Sentinel Shield

  • R1/RB – attacks with your shield
  • L1/LB – throws your shield
  • L2/LT – guards with your shield

Code of the Protector

  • Rallying Force – killing melees will restore health both for you and nearby allies.
  • Turn the Tide – increases melee damage and reload speed. Also makes Overshield from Defensive strike last longer.
  • Ward of Dawn – will create a shielding dome.
  • Defensive Strike – killing an enemy using this ability will create an Overshield to both you and nearby allies.

Code of the Aggressor

  • Superior Arsenal – recharges your grenade energy when you kill enemies with grenades.
  • In the Trenches – reduces the cooldown of your Super Ability when you successfully kill enemies that surround you.
  • Second Shield – will gain an extra Shield Throw charge when your Sentinel Shield is active.
  • Shield Bash – using a melee after sprinting unleashes a Shield Bash that disorient enemies.

Grenade Abilities

  • Suppressor – as per the name, suppresses the enemies from using abilities for a short period of time.
  • Magnetic – will attach to enemies and explode twice.
  • Voidwall – will create a horizontal wall of burning Void Light.
 Striker Sentinel Sunbreaker

Other Job Classes

Job Classes
 Hunter Warlock Titan

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