Mission 11 Fury Guide: Destiny 2 Walkthrough

This page contains a walkthrough for Mission 11 Fury for Destiny 2, including main story objectives, weapons, items, characters and enemies.

Mission 11 Fury Guide: Destiny 2 Walkthrough

Mission 11 Fury resumes the protagonist’s exploration of the Lost Oasis in Io where he finds a group of Taken facing off against the swarm of Vex.

Find the Warmind Vault

  1. Follow the path to reach the Lost Oasis then continue downwards then on the crossroads advance to path to your right.
  2. Upon passing through a shaded location a dialogue will trigger, continue moving to pass another shaded area to eventually reach Giant’s Scar.

Caught in the middle

  1. As you enter the new location, hug the left wall and perform a double jump to scale the higher ground to get a good angle at the battle arena.
  2. You will eventually come across a group of Taken fending off the swarm of Vex by the location’s entrance. At this point, you may choose to wait in hiding, storm at them with gunfire, or sneak past them.
    • If you choose to fight, take cover at the nearest wall and fend off the nearby Taken or Vex. Be wary of the Taken Psion and the groups of Vex Goblins close by. Finish off the remaining Minotaurs guarding the entrance on the upper platform on the right before you head inside.
    • If you opt to escape, dash past the groups of charging Taken and Vex and ascend the ramp to reach the entrance.
  3. Go through then make a right and cross the next ramp to find the site’s window.

Cross the Restricted Zone

  1. Swap your equipped firearm to an energy based one and immediately run for cover behind you after firing a few shots at the Minotaur.
    • Continue to unload at the incoming Minotaur. With the Minotaurs taken out, swap back to your default weapon and finish off the Goblins nearby.
  2. Move to the huge storage chamber then unload at the Hobgoblins guarding the left side. Get behind the entrance when you need to reload and toss explosives to finish off the incoming swarm.
  3. With no interference to deal with, operate the Computer terminal then head for the exit found on the right underneath the terminal. As you return outside, move along the right side past an arch to reach the entrance and descend to the next location.

Gain entrance to Warmind Vault

  1. Follow the tunnel path to enter the bunker and locate the Storage area, there is a tower found on the farthest left side.
  2. Take out the Taken that have gathered here.
  3. Now that the area is devoid of any enemies, continue along the orange ramp and ascend to find a Taken Phalanx.
  4. Enter through the adjacent storage area and ready your weapon against the incoming Goblins.
    • Find some cover nearby to deal with the next wave, peeking by the corner and fend them off with bullets.
  5. Continue upwards to reach another terminal room but before you operate the terminal be sure to take out the army of Taken inside.
    • Be prepared to challenge waves of enemies. The trick is to fire at their illuminating oculars then follow-up with a melee to finish them off. Close quarter weapons work effectively for this match.
    • Charge at the Minotaurs with an explosive then take on the Phalanxes. Outsmart these enemies by going around the outer layer and striking them at their vulnerable parts. Close the distance with your Super Charge to finish them off.
  6. With the room free of enemies, head up the ledge and operate the terminal.
  7. Make a right to pass through the orange hall then jump off to reach the storage room below.
  8. Unload at the Taken Wizard while it’s vulnerable preferably using the Void bullets to nullify his protection, then finish it off. Charge at the Phalanx next then continue along the storage site to find armies fighting against each other.
  9. Fire at the Taken Wizard to repel it then race through to the storage room exit. Unload at the Harpies and Psions that come but ignore some an enemy or two to keep the Hydra busy.
  10. Get behind some cover by the time the Hydra decides to lock on you. Additional Psion reinforcements will spawn after defeating the Hydra but you can easily dispatch of them.
  11. Proceed to the drill site located on the upper section of the area.

Locate the Mainframe

  1. Enemies will now begin to warp to the drill site, thus the order of business is to go through the Control Cabin found on the other section.
  2. Leap to other side then fend off the incoming Vex.
  3. Eventually the site will be occupied by additional enemies, thus it is best to go through the opening on the center where the drill was raised.
  4. Inspect the edge of the platform and make a jump across to reach the tunnel covered by the metal rails.
  5. Pass through the congested tunnel to arrive at the chamber vault and repel the Hobgoblins as you move across.
  6. Keep going and ascend the stairs flanking at any hostiles along the way, then drop off to the middle section and operate the terminal.

Boss Fight: Modular Sigma

Main Article: Modular Sigma Boss Guide

  • After activating the Mainframe, the boss will appear accompanied by Modular Upsilon and a couple of Taken. Take them out skillfully and the cutscene will ensue.
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