Destiny 2 - Mission 4 Combustion Guide: Destiny 2 Walkthrough

This page contains the walkthroughs and guide on Mission 4 Combustion: Destiny 2. Everything you will need to know on mission 4 can be found here.

Mission 4 Combustion

The walkthrough for Mission 4 Combustion: Destiny 2 will include everything you need to know about the game that includes your rendezvous with Hawthorne and how to get there safely and efficiently.

Mission 4 Combustion

Meeting up with Hawthorne

  1. You will encounter 2 enemies that are clearly looking for you. You have the option to either blast them off right away or slowly position yourself until you have the upper advantage in cover and in aim.
  2. You will also see once enemy with a shield, as your bullets will have minimal effect. Its best to get in close range after you kill the surrounding enemies. Head inside the building and go through the door towards your right.
  3. Go inside the broken wall and walk up. In here, you will see another hole in the wall, go inside it once more and head left. In your left, you will see another broken wall, go inside it again. Once you descend on the wall, go to your left.
  4. In here you will see enemies again who are looking for you. You can wait until he goes past you and shoot him from behind. Once you shoot him, there will be another one just in front of him.
  5. Be careful as another enemy is also lying in wait above and will drop off on your front when you proceed to enter the vicinity.
  6. Continue heading forward and be wary of multiple enemies. Proceed with caution. You can use the trailers as objects to block off the enemies’ bullets as you progress forward.
  7. Once you finish off all enemies, head up towards the broken stairs of which you need to jump off. The stairs are near a parked truck.
  8. Once you go up, go to your right where you can see a black cloth on the wall.
  9. Investigate it and you will be told that it was an old house banner. Descend to your right and use the elevator. The elevator will not be functional and you will be told to find another way through Hawthorne.

Finding an Alternate Route

  1. Open the gate to your right. Enter and proceed onwards and go through the door. Once inside, you will see new enemies crawling in the area.
  2. Head towards the upper area where you can find another enemy with a shield. You can blast him off if you dont want to close in. After that, go inside the door. In here, you will see the salt mine below.
  3. Go straight until you an opening. There will be lots of enemies on your right hovering below.  Keep going down but be cautious as you will encounter more and more enemies.
  4. Head straight until you see an opening. You will then see a lot of lasers in the area protecting it. Try to avoid it by jumping over them.
  5. Head straight then go to your left. In here, you will see the elevator you can use to ascend. You will be told that the elevator is not working and that the power might be out.  You will also trigger the Fallen to attack you in hordes.
  6. You can activate your Super Ability, Arc Staff as you will be facing a lot of enemies here. Be careful as some of your enemies will be immune to your bullets so it’s best to avoid them until this wears off.
  7. Once you kill the Servitor, power will then be brought back. You can then use the elevator to ascend.
  8. As you go up, more and more enemies will attack you so be careful. Exit the elevator and go to your left. You will then see Hawthorne just below the path.

These are all the Mission 4 Combustion: Destiny 2 Walkthrough you need to know. To find out more about the next chapter, check the links below!

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