Mission 9 Six Guide: Destiny 2 Walkthrough and Tips

This page contains Mission 9 Six: Destiny 2 guides that will help you finish mission 9 with efficiency, safely and effectively as well.

Mission 9 Six Guide

The walkthrough for Mission 9 Six: Destiny 2 will include everything you need to know about the game that includes your rendezvous with Hawthorne and how to get there safely and efficiently.

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Finding the Vex Teleporter

  1. Head upwards and inside the building. Once above, you will need to traverse through the pool of Vex mind fluid. Avoid getting dipped in the fluid as it will cause you damage.
  2. Head further upwards and you will once again encounter enemies. Be mindful of the approaching enemies and slowly eliminate all of them.
  3. You will then be notified that the vex are blocking your path to the vex teleporter. You will need to eliminate all of them before you can proceed once more.
  4. It is best advised to use your Super ability here as there will be a lot of enemies surrounding you.
  5. Keep yourself covered and hit them from a safe spot so as to avoid continuous damage.
  6. When you are starting to get surrounded, find the next area you can cover yourself with and recover.
  7. Once you finished cleaning up the enemies, head your way towards the teleporter and grab it.

Rendezvousing with Cayde-6

  1. Continue your way onwards and go inside the building. Head downwards until you find the open area outside.
  2. Press forwards until you see a battlefield. You will see a large vex shooting at the fallen. You can either choose which one to target first since both will be hostile towards you.
  3. Be careful not to be caught in between as both parties might try to focus their attention on you and get you outnumbered.
  4. You will want to target the Gate Lord (big giant green vex) when you can finally find a position where you’re not being shot as this will allow your backup to help you.
  5. Continue your way towards the battlefield until you find a fallen spaceship. Go inside and walk your way deeper to its vicinity.
  6. You will find your allies being surrounded by the enemies as well as the Fallen Captain leading the attack.  You will find a better position when you’re up on the platform with plenty of blocking from the objects surrounding you.
  7. Slowly whittle away the enemy until then and weather the attacks as much as you can.
  8. Use your super ability when its up to focus on the Fallen Captain. After you have finished slaying the fallen captain, get inside the spaceship.

These are all the Mission 9 Six: Destiny 2 Walkthrough you need to know. To find out more about the next chapter, check the links below!

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