Destiny 2 - Strike Mission: Directory

This article contains some general tips and tricks about a Strike Mission in Destiny 2. Destiny 2 has multiple maps that cater to a Strike Mission.

Destiny 2 Strike Mission

Destiny 2 Strike Mission allows players to enter different missions and appears similarly to that of co-op play. Players can bring as many as one to three players to fight ultra-bosses. Along with those bosses, they also have more enemies but higher drop rates. And when we mean higher drop rates, this means you get a chance to have a legendary drop in front of you. Against bosses like Irausk and Thumos, these kind of weapons along with those kinds of armor are definitely helpful in softening up incoming damage or granting you better boosts.

Strikes Directory
Lake of Shadows The Inverted Spire Nightfall
Pyramidion Savanthun’s Song Exodus Crash
Arm’s Dealer
Strike Bosses
 Protheon Dark Heart Hobgoblin
Primus Zahn

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