Destiny 2 - Sword: Primary Melee Weapons Rarity Database

This page contains a list of all obtainable destiny 2 sword that includes exotics, legendaries, rares, uncommon and common weapons.

The Destiny 2 Sword is a weapon that appears in-game. Swords are melee weapons and as such, are best used in close-range. Since swords need close-range to be able to hit, it is compensated with the damage it deals when it hits enemies. Use your sword when you are running low on bullets or have a disadvantage against opponents that excel in long-range.

For the Destiny 2 Sword, it has several classifications. This includes the Common, Uncommon, Legendary, and Exotic kinds of the Destiny 2 Sword.

Destiny 2 Sword List

Destiny 2 Sword Complex SolutionSource:

*These weapons are sorted by rarity. If new Swords appear, we’ll be updating this as well. 


Exotic Swords appear more in the Beta than they do in-game. They have an extremely low drop rate, making them coveted by most players. Players can also choose an Exotic Weapon upon completing a particular portion of the game.

Name Slot Perk How to Obtain


Legendary Swords drop in-game. Similarly to the Exotic, they have a low drop rate. However, they do not need a certain condition to be met unless it’s a quest item. Should the player be unable to procure an exotic Sword, a legendary Sword can serve as a good substitute.

Name Slot Perk How to Obtain
Complex Solution Power
Crown-Splitter Power
Eternity’s Edge Power
Negative Space Power
Steel Sybil Z-14 Power
Unspoken Promise Power


The rares are one of the easiest to get. They’re quite a good find especially while you’re midway through a mission and you’re looking for a weapon to swap out of. These weapons drop a little more often than the Legendary and often appear in Decoherent Engrams. If players find themselves on an uncommon weapon or common weapon then, they should immediately switch it to a rare if they can. This is probably one of the best compromises since it has a higher drop rate.

Name Slot Perk How to Obtain
Future Imperfect Power
Rest for the Wicked Power


The Uncommon Weapons are also easy to find. If you have a Common Weapon and you find an Uncommon then, best you replace it. In the long run, the Uncommon will definitely deal more damage. However, you’ll find yourself at a wit’s end if you’re fighting a boss like Irausk or Thumos. With both of them having high hitpoints, you will be needing better weapons.

Name Slot Perk How to Obtain
Nasreddin Power


Common Weapons are usually best for starting out the game as it is easily available and obtainable. Once you get a higher tiered weapon, just switch weapons since commons have the lowest stats and have the least damage.

Name Slot Perk How to Obtain
Dead Zone Rifle Power

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