Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Currently Known Mini-Games

Various trailers and promotional videos for Final Fantasy 7 Remake confirmed familiar mini-games from the original version.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Mini Games

Mini-Games in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Motorbike Chase

Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Mini Games

A motorbike mini-game was featured in the E3 2019 trailer. The sequence appeared during one of AVALANCHE’s missions, presumably near the beginning of the story. This is different from the original version where the mini-game first appeared at the end of disc 1. It then became replayable later in the story as the G Bike mini-game in the Golden Saucer arcade.

The sequence shown in the trailer required the player to fend off Shinra troops while riding the motorbike. Cloud’s health bar is indicated in the lower right of the screen. In the lower left is the input for spinning slash, the only attack available while on the bike.

Squat Contest

Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Mini Games

The squat contest is a familiar mini-game from the original version. The player is pitted against a member of the Wall Market gym to see who can do the most squats within the time limit. Based on the trailer, the mini-game will likely be accessed at the Wall Market gym, as was the case in the first game.

In the remake, the mechanics of the squat contest do not differ much from those in the original. The player must press a sequence of buttons to perform squats. While the first game simply required the input of a series of buttons, the remake will introduce some interesting twists. In the upcoming title, players must press the sequence of buttons in rhythm. To make the mini-game more challenging, the button markers on the screen disappear. This means that the player will have to remember the timing of button presses.

Pull-up Contest

Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Mini Games

A new mini-game featuring Tifa doing pull-ups was shown in the Tokyo Game Show 2019 trailer as well. In terms of gameplay, it is similar to the squat contest. The mini game is also presumably accessible at the Wall Market gym.

The original version of Final Fantasy 7 featured an impressive number of mini-games, particularly in the Golden Saucer. Among these are Chocobo racing, snowboarding, arm wrestling, basketball, Mog House, and Wonder Catcher. Most, if not all, are expected to be available in the remake.

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