Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Eligor Boss Guide

Boss battle guide for the Eligor in Final Fantasy 7 Remake / FF7R, including boss stats, attacks, and strategies for defeating it in the game.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake / FF7 Remake - Eligor Boss Guide

How to Defeat Beat Eligor

The Eligor is the eleventh boss enemy faced by Cloud and his party during the “Back Amongst Friends” mission in Chapter 11: Haunted of Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake / FF7 Remake - How to Defeat Beat Eligor

Eligor Boss Stats and Attributes

HP 10,276
Weakness / Status Ailments Ice
Lesser Resistances
Physical Attack
Greater Resistances None
Immunities Silence, Sleep, Slow, Proportional Damage
Absorbed Elements None
EXP 1,040
AP 10
Gil 1,200
Items Dropped Echo Mist
Rare Items Dropped None
Stealable Items Bladed Staff
Battle Notes When it is hit in the air, hit it with wind attacks to rapidly fill its Stagger gauge. Unleash a leaping attack to knock it down to the ground

Eligor Boss Abilities and Moves

1) Trample

Eligor a charge attack to the enemy.

2) Reaper

Eligor chases its target while swinging its javelin weapon.

3) Sweeping Gaze

Eligor unleashes a laser attack that is shot in an arc. It also inflicts silence and sleep to any enemy hit.

4) Reflect

Eligor casts reflect in order to prevent magical attacks and damage.

5) Javelin Bolts

Eligor rains enemies with multiple javelins coming from the sky.

6) Piercing Gaze

Eligor unleashes a laser attack but aimed at a single target.

7) Winds of Gehenna

Eligor blows away or sucks the enemies towards him until it releases a heavy damage shot.

Eligor Boss Strategy

Pre-Battle Setup

  • Equip Wind and Ice Materia to Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith.
  • Equip Subversive Materia either to Cloud or Tifa.
  • Equip Shiva Summon Materia to Aerith.

1st Phase (100% HP)

Eligor will rotate between his Trample, Reaper, and Sweeping Gaze abilities. Command Aerith in using Ice spells while being boosted by her Arcane Ward ability. When it comes to Cloud and Tifa, deal damage to the boss in front only.

2nd Phase (66% HP)

Eligor will go up in the air and activate its Reflect ability. Also, it will use its Javelin Bolts and Piercing Gaze against the party. Hide behind the shipping containers to avoid getting hit by those attacks. In order to nullify Reflect, use the Breach spell or wait for magic barrier it to expire. Also, use Wind spells to kite the enemy while being boosted also by Arcane Ward ability.

3rd Phase (33% HP)

Eligor go down and remove all shipping containers in the battlefield. It will also use new abilities such as Piecing Gaze and Winds of Gehenna. Move around and target the boss’ left and right wheels in order cripple it. When the boss’s horse is down, deal multiple damage in the enemy.

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