Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Latest Trailer Reveals More Characters

Final Fantasy 7 Remake's latest trailer features familiar characters Red XIII, Reeve, Scarlet, Palmer and Hojo. Also revealed in the video are confirmed bosses and a returning summon from the original game.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake - More Characters in Latest Trailer

More Characters Featured in Latest Trailer

Square Enix released a new trailer for the highly-anticipated Final Fantasy 7 Remake, confirming more familiar characters and events in the game’s expanded narrative. The game is scheduled for release on April 10th, 2020.


Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Red XIII

The wolf-like beast Red XIII makes his officiall appearance in the latest trailer. He is met by Cloud and his party in what is likely a section of the Shinra Headquarters laboratory.

It is also interesting to note that Red XIII has quite a refined manner of speaking in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. This can be heard in the trailer after Tifa remarked on his ability to talk.


Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Reeve Tuesti

Reeve also appeared in the trailer and was seen imploring President Shinra to “reconsider” a decision on something, likely a company initiative that may harm the citizens of Midgar. As Shinra Company’s Head of Urban Development, Reeve struggles to make the president and his fellow executives realize the consequences of their actions on The Planet.


Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Scarlet

Scarlet, the ruthless head of Shinra Company’s Weapons Development division, was shown overseeing materia processing at Shinra Headquarters. In the trailer, Scarlet retains her domineering personality from the original game and can be heard berating her subordinate for being late.


Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Palmer

Shinra Company’s Palmer also appeared briefly in the trailer. The short and plump Head of the Space Program was shown laughing to himself while enjoying a cup of tea. Staying true to his character’s personality in the first game, Palmer referred to himself as “a man of refined taste.”


Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Hojo

The nefarious Professor Hojo who heads the Shinra Company’s Science & Research Division appeared observing Cloud from a surveillance room in Shinra Headquarters. His lines in the trailer highlighted his pleasure of “toying” with Cloud as the protagonist pulled himself together after taking a fall.


Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Heli Gunner Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Jenova Birth

Some bosses mostly encountered in Shinra Headquarters were also shown in the trailer. These appear to be Heli Gunner, Jenova BIRTH, Hundred Gunner, and Gi Nattak.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Hundred Gunner Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Gi Nattak


Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Leviathan

The massive sea creature Leviathan was seen near the end of the video, confirming it as one of the summons players can call upon in battle.

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