Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade - Squats Mini Game Guide

A guide on the squats mini game in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, including basic mechanics, controls, tips to get high scores, and rewards.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Squats Mini Game Guide

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Squats Mini Game

Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Squats Mini Game

Squats is a mini game that is accessed in Wall Market Gym (to be confirmed).

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The objective of the squats mini game is to perform the most number of squats within the time limit. You must press a sequence of four buttons in a controlled rhythm to do a squat as indicated on the screen. After a short period, the button indicators on the screen will disappear, forcing you to execute the sequence by memory.

Pressing the wrong button, missing an input, or incorrectly timing it causes you to fall down. This puts you at a disadvantage against your opponent who will continuously perform squats while you struggle to get up.


Input Command
△ Button Sequence 1
○ Button Sequence 2
× Button Sequence 3
□ Button Sequence 4

Tips to Get High Scores

Coming soon.

Mini Game Rewards

Coming soon.

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