Final Fantasy 7 Remake - New and Altered Scenes Revealed So Far

Final Fantasy 7 Remake adds a few interesting story elements not found in the original version. Certain scenes in the awaited title's narrative were also changed.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake - New Scenes

New Story Parts in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Various trailers and promotional videos for Final Fantasy 7 Remake included a number of new and altered scenes from its source material that was released in 1997. We listed down some of the remake’s most striking story differences and additions.

AVALANCHE Motorbike Sequence

Final Fantasy 7 Remake - New Scenes

The scene where AVALANCHE makes their escape from Shinra troops was featured in the E3 2019 trailer. Cloud and Jessie were pursued while riding a motorbike. There was a motorbike sequence in the original game, though it appeared at the end of disc 1. In the remake, a similar sequence is implied to be playable near the beginning of the story.

Sephiroth in Midgar?

Final Fantasy 7 Remake - New Scenes

Sephiroth, or at least an apparition of him, appeared to Cloud in an area bathed in flames. A physical representation of the fearsome SOLDIER was not encountered until Cloud’s party boards a Shinra cargo ship headed for Costa Del Sol in the first game.

Hologram President Shinra

Final Fantasy 7 Remake - New Scenes

The tyrannical president Shinra was shown as a giant holographic image at what is likely the sector 5 reactor. In the original game, president Shinra appeared in the flesh at the location before unleashing the Air Buster boss on the party.


Final Fantasy 7 Remake - New Scenes

A mysterious man revealed to be a member of SOLDIER, Shinra’s elite military force, was featured in the Tokyo Game Show 2019 trailer. Riding a motorbike, he tailed AVALANCHE while performing acrobatic maneuvers. There was no such character in the first game.

AVALANCHE Parachuting

Final Fantasy 7 Remake - New Scenes

A scene where AVALANCHE parachuted during one of their missions was also shown in the TGS video. This was not in the original game. There was, however, a similar scene where Cloud’s party parachuted toward Midgar to confront the Proud Clod boss.

Reno Church Battle

Final Fantasy 7 Remake - New Scenes

In the TGS trailer, Reno was immediately fought upon meeting him in the church’s slums. This is different from the first game where the first battle against the rod-wielding turk took place at the sector 7 support pillar area.

Rude Slums Battle

Final Fantasy 7 Remake - New Scenes

It was implied that Rude will also be encountered in the slums when Cloud helps Aerith flee from Shinra troops. In the original game, Rude, alongside Reno, was first fought in Gongaga.

Ifrit and Shiva Summon Appearance

Final Fantasy 7 Remake - New Scenes

The summons Ifrit and Shiva were shown in the TGS trailer and appear to be obtainable rather early in the story. The flame djinn Ifrit appeared while Cloud was facing a sweeper at what could be either the sector 1 reactor or the train graveyard. In the original game, the Ifrit materia was obtained aboard the Shinra cargo ship further into the story.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake - New Scenes

The icy Shiva was seen fighting alongside the party against the Eligor at the train graveyard. The materia needed to summon Shiva was found in Junon in the original version, which is much later in the story as well.

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