Liam Kosta Romance Guide [Romance Guide]

This is a Liam Kosta Romance  Guide for Mass Effect Andromeda.  In this article, you will learn how to develop your relationship with Liam Kosta.

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Liam Kosta Romance Guide

Liam Kosta, one of your constant companions, is a potential partner for Sara Ryder. Quite an enigmatic fellow, his relationship with Sara could possibly go into deeper territories.

Constant Conversations

liam kosta romanceOn the Tempest, Liam’s usually by the storage room, near the Nomad. On your first visit, he’ll ask you to move a couch. Afterwards, he’ll invite you to drink with him.

Your conversation options to romance Liam should be “Company like this.” He replies that he doesn’t know you exactly just yet.

Keep chatting with Liam throughout your adventures.

Armored Diplomacy

Your next move should be to talk to him after meeting up and bringing Jaal along. Choose the option “I’m interested in you,” and witness your character awkwardly flirting with Liam. Liam tells you to save it for another day.

Post-“A Trail of Hope,” head to the storage room and talk to Liam. He’ll be shirtless. Oh myy. Choose the romance dialogue choice: I need someone, and so do you. Make sure you hit the trigger quickly so you can max out your romance with Liam.

Things Happen

When you next talk to Liam, he mentions that it was quite awkward, except the times with you. Choose the option “I really liked being with you.” Choose “We’ll see where this goes,” afterwards. Liam suggests that you should visit Aya.


Your next point will be on Aya. Liam figures that you should head up somewhere nice and open. After a few dialogue choices, Liam will mention that he wants to spend some time with you. Choose the romance option, “I enjoyed time with you too.” 

A Screw Up

Talk to Liam in the Tempest. He reveals that Verand disappeared, and if you don’t look for her, you might be next. Choose the romantic option when he asks you if you’re game. “I’m game if you are.” 

All In

Main Article: All In

This portion assumes that you’ve already unlocked three vaults. Look for Liam and talk to him. Once again, Liam is caught taking some tech and he needs to track it down.

Kicking the Ball

This event happens after Eos gets attacked. Liam sets up a small soccer field for everyone to enjoy. You guys get talking. Your next romance option is: “I like how you keep trying. “

Liam pops the question: should you two be serious? You can either choose “Date me, not the “Pathfinder,” or “I don’t want to get serious. “Obviously, the former is the romantic option.

Afterwards, Liam invites you to a game. You can play with him, or sneak off with him. Choose the latter to race off to find some alone time with each other.

Oh myy.

Lover’s Jump Jet 

Talk to Liam again. Apparently he’s asking you to do a one-time jump jet mod. Go to your research station and craft it. Liam gives you some navigation coordinates. Push him off and enjoy the very heartwarming time.

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