A Trail of Hope Walkthrough [Mass Effect Andromeda]


As you enter the field, it’s a bit bumpy due to the snowstorm. To make things worse, everything’s frozen over into solid ice. The Tempest nearly sinks but Kallo says that they’ll do just fine. With that, you leave the bridge and make your way out. Follow the red lights to make it easier and once you make your way through the tunnel, you’ll find yourself at the Angara Resistance Base.

Angara Resistance Base

Once you get there, speak to Commander Anjik Do Xeel. After doing so, you’ll get more information on the Kett in the area and additional assignments for the area. Chat with the two lookouts to get more information on different spots in Voeld. This will be useful because it allows you to call down forward stations and the Nomad. You’ll want that. When you’re ready, head towards the ship to begin your mission to find the Moshae Sjefa.

The Kett Facility

Once you get there, a few Angara join the Pathfind team at the beginning of the mission. First, walk along the shield to find the interface. When you reach it, hack the service panel to take down the shield. Once it’s down, head through the small hole. Two wraiths emerge but the Angara can take it down. Your entrance to the facility is through a vent. However to find it, you need to scan it. Once you’re done scanning, shoot it or attack it to destroy it.

As you head through the room, there are six enemies in the room below. There’s a few Chosen, Wraiths, and a Destined. Shoot them down before clearing the room. After you do, take a moment to look around. Scan the Angara items before talking to Commander Heckt. The Angara themselves want to serve as a diversion. This gives you time to find the Moshae. Head up the stairs for the next area. However, the Pathfinder team gets stuck in a decontamination room.

Once you’re done, head down the hallway to find a classroom-like room. Here, open a few containers before going through the datapads. At the other end of the hall, there’s a wraith outside of what looks like a commune. There are more datapads as well. Kick him out and loot what you need before getting back on track.

Once you get there, you find the Kett in the next room. Unfortunately for you, one of them is a Destined. Watch out though, they have a Cloak to hide. After beating them all, use the console to clear the windo. Before it, there are four Angara entering pods. Suddenly, you have an explosion due to the other Angara troops. Once out of the cutscene, head to the door on the far left of the console to get to the comms room. SAM downloads a copy of the information on the console to analyze. Head through the door on the right before proceeding through the corridor to see the Resistance fighting the Kett. Looks like they got their attention.

When you reach the next room, you find several heavy hitters. A Wraith jumps in the fray along with some Destined and Anointed. Jump to second the floor if you need more cover. Besides, there’s more distance between you and the Kett. With them down, you’ll spot some pods going into the next room. Go to the far side’s second floor and there’s a vent. Destroy it and deactivate the shield to grab the core.

After that, scan the pods. But SAM doesn’t find anyone looking like the Moshae. Access the console in the middle of the room so SAM can work faster. Turns out Moshae’s pod was moved. Continue the search and find her.

There, the barrier in front of the console drops. This allows you to continue going through the facility. Squeeze through another vent before making your way through the door on the right side of the hallway. While it doesn’t get you to Moshae, there are some more containers and datapads with info about the facility. Apparently, it’s a research room.

After that, follow the signal through the other door in the hallway to another decontamination room. You there find a terrifying scene of an Angara turning into a Kett using two syringes. Face off against several Destined and speak to Jaal after.

Jaal: “How many have I killed not knowing? Ryder, I did not know.”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text I’m so sorry. You couldn’t save them.
Outcome “That is kind. I… do not know.” N/A

You give Jaal a bit of a pep talk  while waiting for either Cora or Peebee. While Peebee or Cora goes to find the Moshae, she finds her about to be turned into a Kett. SAM unlocks the door and now, storm the room.

Tear them down and the Kett cardinal grabs the Moshae, leaving you with two Destined. Fill them with bullets before chasing the Cardinal to the lift. Apparently, the Cardinal’s heading to the shuttle bay.

Boss Fight: Cardinal

With the Kett preparing a sheep, the pathfinder enters the bay. While there are a few Chosen and Destined accompanying the Cardinal, take them out. Most especially the Destined since they have Cloak. Keep moving around the room as the Cardinal shoots a large bubble that travels through the cover and burns your shields.

However, to actually deal any damage – destroy the orb. Save your combos until the orb goes down. Since the shields only drop for a short while, you’ll want to burst him down.

However the more times you bring down the shield, more Kett join the fight. Most of them are Destined but a few Anointed sometimes join.

When the kett are eliminated search the area for any remains then talk to the Moshae. The Cardinal is unfortunately still alive, but the Pathfinder team won’t let her take the Moshae. More kett are closing in, and Ryder is faced with another huge decision: save the angara or destroy the facility. Ryder is also presented with the option to kill the Cardinal.

Once they’re down, search the area for any remains and Kett stragglers. After that, talk to the Moshae.

Moshae Sjefa:  “No one has ever returned from Kett walls.”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text Yeah well, I’m new. We came just for you.
Outcome N/A “Then you’ll be the first.”

Despite your best efforts, the Cardinal’s still alive. But you can’t let the Cardinal take her. Moshae asks why the Archon wants to take them but the Cardinal talks about being turned into a Kett as a gift. He reveals that he himself was once an Angara until he took on the DNA of the Archon.

Cardinal: “I stand on the shoulder of his greatness. As they do. As one day, you will.”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B Choice C Choice D
Text You arrogant jerk. You actually believe this. Come close, asshole. We’re stronger than you think.
Outcome “You don’t get to decide what’s great.” N/A N/A N/A

With that, SAM gives you a warning of multiple inbound Kett cruisers. You find out that there are still a bunch of Angara inside.

Jaal:  “With respect, our compatriots are also here. Our fighters. Our scientists. Our strength.”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text I’ll save the Angara. I’ll destroy the facility.
Outcome N/A Cardinal: No!

The Cardinal goes berserk while Jaal puts a bullet through his head. After that, Moshae will lead you up to the roof. Stay within her barrier and shoot the Kett as you go along. When you reach the top, run into the ship immediately and escape before the place blows.


On aboard the Tempest, you’ll have a cutscene. Also, you’ll be speaking to Moshae as you get on.

Moshae Sjefa:  “Of course. You’ve earned my trust with your brave decision back there.”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text Not brave. It’s my job.
Outcome “To make such a difficult choice – that is brave.” N/A

Soon, you ask what the facility is for. Apparently, the Kett call it “Exaltation”. They believe those they exalt will be given a great gift. When they do so, they steal genes in order to reproduce. There, Moshae also reveals that she knows why you saved her.

Moshae: “He’s obsessed – like you are. Yes, Jaal told me. You rescued me, hoping into get into Aya‘s vault.”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text We need your help. Name your price.
Outcome “I hear your plea like you heard mine.” N/A

With that, Moshae agrees to help you open the vault. When you return to the bridge, Suvi and Kallos have great news. The outpost of Prodromos is surviving.

Kallo:  “Your outpost Prodromos is really going to make it. When do you want to head back?”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text I don’t know. I can add it to the list.
Outcome N/A “Just saying if I’d created a thriving community in a brand new galaxy, I’d want to visit.”

Although, it’s not all good news. Kett activity has risen as well. But after that, you can now return to Aya.


Once there, you get off the ship. Paaran Shie greets the Moshae with some fellow Angara. While they speak, the Moshae mentions how she couldn’t have returned without the Resistance and the Pathfinder.

Moshae: “Without the Resistance – and the Pathfinder – I wouldn’t be here.”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text I did the hard part. This was a group effort.
Outcome N/A “The Pathfinder destroyed the fortress. But thousands of us died in chains.”

When Evfra hears this, he tells Jaal that they have a lot to talk about. But the Moshae adds that she needs to help the Pathfinder find the vault.

Moshae: “I promised to lead the Pathfinder to Aya’s vault.”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text No rush. Time is a factor.
Outcome Evfra: “Not without our help.” N/A

With that, the Moshae tells you that there’s a shuttle that’ll bring you to her when you’re ready. After she leaves, Evfra asks for a report from Jaal. Apparently, Jaal says he needs to stay with you.

Evfra: “Well done, Jaal. Report on assignment.”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text He’s welcome on my ship. It’s Evfra’s call.
Outcome “Of course he has.” N/A

Because Evfra sees the benefit, he allows Jaal to go with you. With that, Jaal says he needs to file a report and tells you not to leave Aya without him. After he leaves, head for the shuttle to make your way to Aya’s vault.

Aya’s Vault

As soon as you reach the vault, Moshae shows you the way in. SAM and you activate the vault where you finally activate it.

Moshae: “Yes. This is new – is it similar to the vault on Eos? Tell me, what are you seeing?”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text Don’t ask me. Very similar.
Outcome N/A “The vaults are a network – as you have discovered. However -“

Turns out that the vault there is actually a hub for all the vaults. Apparently, it’s known as the Meridian.

Moshae: “I think that the Meridian is the control centre for all the vaults.”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text This is amazing. I agree.
Outcome N/A “Wait Ryder. The Archon knows where it is. He’s already been there.”

Even with knowing where the Meridian was, the Archon didn’t know how to use it. That’s why they couldn’t do squat with it. But having and knowing Meridian would save the Heleus cluster and whoever is on Eos.

Moshae: “Agreed. Such power in the hands of such evil could mean the end of your people – and mine.”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B Choice C Choice D
Text I’ll fight. For everyone. We’ll find his weakness. Gonna make him so sorry. I’ll give it all I’ve got.
Outcome N/A N/A N/A N/A

With that, SAM absorbs the information about the vault before Moshae goes off to get Evfra’s support. Meet her there when you’re ready.

Aya – Resistance Headquarters

Head to the Headquarters and you’ll find out that there was something that went down. One of the Angara commanders named Vehn Terev aided in Moshae’s capture.

Evfra: “(sighs) One of my men helped the Kett take her. A Resistance commander named Vehn Terev.”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B
Text That’s terrible. He must have a motive.
Outcome Moshae: This isn’t about hiding the truth.” N/A

Apparently, the guy’s been tracked all the way down to Kadara. However, the Moshae doesn’t want to rely on those people.

Moshae: “Vehn may know how to find Archon – and his ship. We can’t leave this to a pack of renegades and outlaws.”
Dialogue Choice Choice A Choice B Choice C
Text What is Kadara port? I’ll go to Kadara We’re grasping at straws.
Outcome Moshae: “Kadara Port is a trading outpost. We abandoned it when the kett invaded.” Evfra: I don’t like it.
Moshae: I don’t care. Pathfinder is right.

Apparently, deserters also from Aya made themselves at home there. But the next question was – how did the exiles of the Nexus end up there? With Evfra saying no but Moshae agreeing, Evfra transfers the files to your ship to begin your next mission.

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  1. The Cardinal is actually a female Angara. When you saw the male angara become transformed into a Kett, he looked like one of those chosen or anointed Kett. The destined Kett are female as well.