[News] Mass Effect Andromeda Gay Romances Confirmed! Bioware GM Addressed LGBT Frustration

Mass Effect Andromeda Gay Romances Confirmed

In a tweet by Aaryn Flynn, it is noted that Mass Effect Andromeda gay romances have been confirmed. As Mass Effect has been a worldwide sensation and has touched the hearts of sci-fi fanatics, third-person shooter enthusiasts and experts, one may think that anything is possible in the world of Mass Effect ( given the wide-depth of space exploration, usage of state-of-the-art weaponry and a level of interaction which is quite diverse from different sci-fi games which makes the game a unique experience for people who love the Mass Effect video game and for those just learning the game).

Indeed, the goal of Mass Effect is exploring new worlds and not dying in the process; as such the game does not only explore the sci-fi and action genre but also delves with the romance genre as well.

Mass Effect Andromeda Gay Romances

There have been countless times wherein romances have been revealed in-game and even been teased on the trailers. However, fans have voiced their frustration and dissatisfaction as to the lack of romance in game, in particular the development of gay romances.Mass Effect Andromeda Gay RomancesIn response, Aaryn Flynn confirms that there will be gay romances but he cannot get any more specific before Mass Effect Andromeda’s launch but says that they are very happy with the what they have so far. He also responded to a tweet to the frustration shown by fans in regards to having no homosexual scenes for LGBT community with which he responds:

Mass Effect Andromeda Gay RomancesWith this tweet, fans have been quite thankful and appreciative to Aaryn Flynn in regards to this latest update and are very much looking forward to this development in the game. This just goes to show that Mass Effect Andromeda is open for all to play regardless of their orientation and it is a game to be looked forward to.

Mass Effect Andromeda Gay RomancesMass Effect Andromeda arrives on the Playstation 4, XBox One and PC on March 21. XBox One and PC players have a leg up on their PS4 counterparts though, because they can access a free trial for the game through the EA/Origin Access programs starting March 16.


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I feel disappointed. With Trump in the White House, erasing LGBT people from census questionnaires, planning massive anti-LGBT religious legislation, cutting HIV/AIDS research, surrounding himself by 97% homophobic and transphobic cabinet members, appointing an Anti-LGBT activist to the Civil Rights department and his promise to appoint anti-same sex marriage SCOTUS nominees, I was looking forward to this escape and after ME:3 and ALL of the Dragon Age games I was expecting fair and equal treatment as a fan who paid the same 60 bucks as all the straights and lesbians, I mean I didn’t even question it for a second… Read more »


While the game has two romance scenes, they’re extremely sub par in comparison to all other love interests in the game. The two gay male options are literally just a couple of side-NPCs, one of whom doesn’t even count towards the LI trophy. On top of this, the romance scenes for these two gay characters is very low quality IMO. As they only show some kissing, with the scene quickly fading to black. While straight/lesbian scenes virtually show full on nudity, much longer scenes, etc. On top of this, there are no gay/bi male squad mates to romance. Which in… Read more »


Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Josh. Hope you still find some enjoyment in the game, in spite of its glaring flaws.


Overall, I am loving ME: Andromeda. They’ve done great work with building out the character personalities and stories within the Andromeda universe. I’m highly curious to see just how good the movie night will be once I’ve managed to gather all of the snack items. While I know some people complain about the animations and how some character’s could’ve looked better. I feel the animations/characters look good to me. Bioware games are generally about the story and game play, not necessarily to look like the absolute best game out there. If folks are wanting games that look gorgeous, then linear,… Read more »

Nah, it’s always good to hear people’s insights. 🙂 Here’s hoping for better diversity and better games altogether.


Agreed! One of the primary ways of pushing for improvements in games/media-in-general is making our voice heard. So I’m hoping that, if they don’t patch or fix the M/M in Andromeda, that they’ll at least take all this criticism to heart and use it to improve in the next iteration. Though, it’d be an absolute pain to wait another 4-5 years to see if they learned from things. :/ Hope you enjoy playing ME: Andromeda and all it has to offer! I’m still amazed with the sheer number of quests they seem to have put into it. I keep bumping… Read more »