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Nakmor Kesh

“There you are. Hope the others haven’t been giving you a hard time. There’s a lot that needs doing.” – Nakmor Kesh to Ryder

Nakmor Kesh Profile

Nakmor Kesh
Nakmor Kesh talking with Ryder

Overseer of the Nexus‘ initial design and construction phase in the Milky Way. Nakmor Kesh is currently superintendent of the station. She has oversight of the Nexus proper, maintaining systems, integrating and returning arks, and continuing construction efforts. She is also considered a senior figure in Clan Nakmor, despite the departure of the majority of krogan from the Nexus. Kesh herself describer her role as  “fixer-in-chief.”

Kesh was born on Tuchanka, back in the Milky Way. She claims she was considered frail as a child, but an attentive upbringing by her grandfather, Nakmor Drack, allowed her to flourish. Unlike many of her kind, a younger Kesh made ample time to read, sparking her early interest in engineering and civil construction.

Records from the Nexus uprising show Kesh played a key role in keeping the station operational during crisis. Her strong management and knowledge of the station makes her an irreplaceable member of the Nexus leadership. Though minutes of official meetings suggest she and Diretor Jarun Tann are often at odds, Kesh’s presence ensure that the krogan still have a powerful voice on the Nexus.

She is a female krogan engineer who serves as the Nexus Superintendent for the Andromeda Initiative. She oversees construction and engineering aboard the Nexus. She was part of the team that originally designed and built the Hyperion. She’s also the granddaughter of Nakmor Drack.  Averted, as unlike other krogans, she prefers to overlook the works around the Nexus instead of doing any fighting. If her name is any indication she belongs to Clan Nakmor, which sent an ambassador to Clan Urdnot that Shepard encountered on Tuchanka during the events of Mass Effect 2.

Her species and her status as the Nexus Superintendent pretty much makes this a very literal case of the trope. As a female krogan engineer, she pretty much takes off every hat associated with the krogan. Her very first words are in defense of you and showing you support. She was raised by her grandfather Drack in place of her parents.

She also mentions Director Tann as “number eight.” The reason for doing so is because he is eighth in line to take over the Andromeda Initiative. Nakmor Kesh reminds him now and then of the status to keep him humble and in check.

Nakmor Kesh
Nakmor Kesh up close
Station  Nexus
POS  Nexus Superintendent / krogan engineer
Race  Krogan


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Nakmor Kesh
Nakmor Kesh talking to Ryder

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