BioWare Releases the NOMAD ND1 Remote Vehicle [Mass Effect Andromeda]

NOMAD ND1 Vehicle

For all of those who are excited for the release of Mass Effect Andromeda on March 21, 2017, BioWare has release a limited collector’s edition 1:18 NOMAD ND1 vehicle that is used by the protagonist and his party in the game.


This futuristic vehicle features 6 wheels with front and rear steering that you can control using an app on your mobile phone (available on Google Play). Another cool feature that this vehicle has is its integrated camera that can snap photos or record videos while you are controlling it. You can also switch on its built-in light if you want to take pictures or videos at night.

The NOMAD ND1 also features a rechargeable battery that you can charge using a USB cable included in the box.

Along with this magnificent Mass Effect collector’s vehicle, BioWare is also kind enough to include a limited edition steelbook case for your Mass Effect Andromeda game. While the standard version of this Collector’s Edition doesn’t include the game itself, you may also purchase it with a bundle Mass Effect Andromeda game on the console of your choice.


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