Peebee Romance Guide [Mass Effect Andromeda]

Peebee is a potential partner for both the male and female Ryder. She is a natural flirt, so you should take any opportunity to sound interested in her. Doing her Loyalty Missions will also increase your relationship level with her.

Peebee Romance Guide

After Building a Settlement on Eos

After Peebee joins the Pathfinder team, talk to her aboard the Tempest. She is hanging around near the escape pod. You’ll have the dialogue option to tell her “You crave excitement, huh?”. Then, after the initial conversation, choose the option “flirting”.

After Acquiring the Remnant Tech from Voeld

Talk to Peebee after obtaining the Remnant Tech from Voeld and choose “It’s true.” when the dialogue option appears.

At Her Apartment in the Nexus

Talk to her in her apartment and she will show you what she’s building. When Kalinda, barges in, stand up for her and defend her. When Kalinda leaves, answer her with “I care about you” when the option appears.


After Completing A Trail of Hope

After you arrive on Aya (Muesum Visit) after completing the Main Mission A Trail of Hope, talk to Peebee.

Meet Peebee back at the  Nexus

Talk to Peebee again at her quarters. She will invite you in, so answer with “I thought you’d never ask”. When she makes some requests, answer with “Heck yeah!” Soon, she’ll tell you to have casual sex with her. Answer with “I’d want the strings” to go into a relationship with her, and avoiding the fling. If you choose otherwise, you won’t be able to change it from this point on.

After Visiting Kadara

One you’ve gone to Kadara (and have talked to Peebee about Kalinda), talk to her again to initiate the Loyalty Mission Reclaiming Poc.

After Finishing Reclaiming Poc

Once you’ve finished the Loyalty Mission Reclaiming Poc, talk to Peebee again on the bridge of the Tempest. You will trigger another Loyalty Mission Mysterious Remnant Signal.

After Completing Mysterious Remnant Signal

When you’ve finished Mysterious Remnant, leave the Tempest at least once. Come back again and talk to Peebee in the escape pod. Afterwards, head to the meeting room. From here on, you’ll have the option to go into a committed relationship with her. Answer with “Let’s be together”.

After Completing Journey to Meridian

Go into the the Captain’s Quarters and interact with the gift on the bed to conclude Peebee’s romance line.

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