Side Mission Walkthrough – Excess Baggage [Mass Effect Andromeda]

The Side Mission Excess Baggage is initiated by talking to Suvi a few times while aboard the Tempest.

Side Mission Walkthrough – Excess Baggage

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Scan Rooms on the Tempest for Anomalies

Suvi will ask you to look for the heavy object on the Tempest after you talk to her a few times. You can try to walk around the rooms with the scanner out. If you want it easy, just go to Vetra‘s room in the Armory. Scan the wall to find a construction mech – the anomaly in question.

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Speak to Kallo

After finding the anomaly, head to the deck and talk to Kallo. He’ll fill you in on what the anomaly is and its connection to the Tempest’s lead designer, Lucille Diawara. You’ll also hear some interesting information on how the Tempest got its name.

Source: Youtube

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