PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds / PUBG - Weapon Tier List

A ranking of the weapons in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) in their respective categories, along with an explanation for each ranking.

Weapon Tier List

Assault Rifles (AR)

#1 – SCAR-L

The SCAR-L comes out as the best assault rifle for any combat situation, being reliable at close-, mid-, and long-range. The fact that it uses 5.56mm ammo means that it can easily be kept active for most of the game. It offers the best balance of power, effective range and accuracy out of all the weapons in its class. By equipping a grip attachment to the SCAR-L, the already manageable recoil can be further reduced, making it a very easy weapon to aim. It is also worth noting that you still have good control of the weapon even when firing in fully-automatic mode at up to mid-range, making it very good for assaults.

#2 – Groza

Since being added to the roster of assault rifles, the air-dropped Groza has earned its reputation as arguably the best in its class for close- to mid-range combat. It boasts an impressive firing rate, in addition to respectable damage per shot. It suffers usage in the same way that the AKM does, requiring 7.62mm ammo instead of the common 5.56mm. This makes it harder to sustain, especially towards the closing stages of the match.

#3 – AKM

The AKM’s main advantage over all other assault rifles is its damage, being the highest in its class. However, it suffers from having very bad recoil, requiring precise aiming and tap control (to separate shots to correct the aim after recoil) to be able to hit enemies reliably. This is further compounded by the fact that it uses 7.62mm ammo, which is not as easy to come by as the 5.56mm. With experience, the AKM could prove to be the best of its class, though the need to reliably land headshots makes for a somewhat challenging weapon to use.

#4 – M416

Despite being nearly identical to the SCAR-L (even having slightly better stats), the M416 loses out to the SCAR-L because of its considerable recoil. It is very difficult to hit enemies using fully-automatic firing. The M416 has the edge over the SCAR-L in terms of available attachments, allowing you to bring the M416 only slightly closer to its pre-nerf glory (though it still loses out to the SCAR-L in most situations). It is still a decent alternative if you don’t manage to obtain the SCAR-L at any point in the game.

#5 – M16A4

A generally decent and easy to find weapon, the M16A4 offers the best effective range of any assault rifle in the game. It is always an advantage to be able to fire from a safe distance, especially when you don’t have a sniper rifle. It suffers from massive recoil, so it is recommended to use it in single-fire mode most of the time. A compensator muzzle mod can remedy this, allowing you to get easier aim for headshots.

Machine Guns (SMG & LMG)

#1 – M249 (LMG)

The M249 is capable of holding a hundred rounds of ammo per magazine – similar to that of the Tommy Gun – but has greater combat power and firing rate. However, since the firing mode is only full auto, the M249 suffers from high recoil, making it very unstable when aiming. It’s best to shoot it in short bursts to achieve higher accuracy from longer distances.

#2 – Tommy Gun

The Tommy Gun is the most powerful SMG in the list due to its above average damage power and high magazine capacity. However, the downside of using this weapon is that you won’t be able to put multiple attachments, which could be a disadvantage against enemies with weapons loaded with a lot of attachments.

#3 – UMP 9

The UMP 9 is a slightly better weapon than the Micro Uzi due to its higher power and magazine capacity. This weapon can also have more attachments than the Tommy Gun, making it one of the more balanced and flexible SMGs.

#4 – Micro Uzi

Serving as a staple for SMGs, the Micro Uzi is one of the easiest weapons to obtain in the game. However, this weapon might not be effective in longer distances due to how it scatters its shots. The Micro Uzi will also not be effective during the latter stages of the match because enemies might already have stronger armor that this weapon merely penetrates.

#5 – KRISS Vector

The major disadvantage that the KRISS Vector has is its low magazine capacity, making you constantly reload it which takes a lot of time. However, its damage output is similar to the LMG M249 which solidifies it as the second strongest machine gun in terms of firepower.

Shotguns (SG)

#1 – S12K

Superior to the S686 in shell capacity and to the S1897 in reload time, the S12K sits atop the shotgun list despite its slightly inferior power. Though rarer than the other shotguns on the list, the S12K is worth the find as it single-handedly dominates the weapons in the burst and scatter category.

#2 – S686

The S686, although inferior to the S12K in terms of shell capacity and rate of fire, still proves its worth with its deadly killing potential in close range. The two shells it houses can deal high burst damage in a short amount of time. Compared to the S1897 that lags behind in reloading, the S686 has a second chance to hit its mark in quick succession leaving you with room for error in the kill.

#3 – S1897

Inferior to all the shotguns available because of its high reload time, the S1897 places last in the shotgun tier. The S1897 is still pretty reliable if you can accurately hit enemies with its shells, though, as it possesses the same number of shells as the S12K. When used properly and accurately, the S1897 is capable of wiping out the entire battlefield in close-quarters combat.

Sniper Rifles (SR)

#1 – AWM

This weapon, only obtained by raiding air drops, is the most powerful sniper rifle in-game. It has a very long range, and a headshot will take down an opponent, no matter how powerful the helmet they wear. However, you will have to save ammo, as there is no .300 Magnum ammo found in-game apart from air drops.

#2 – M24

The M24 is more powerful than the Kar 98, and should be sought out. It can be found either in air drops or in the military base (randomized). It uses the same ammo as the AKMand as such can be used a lot more than AWM because the ammo is common.

#3 – Kar 98k

One of the weaker snipers, this weapon is good if you want to snipe anyone and you have nothing else to use. The weapon and its ammo are very common. It does not, however, earn many points in terms of stability.

#4 – VSS

The VSS Sniper Rifle is the strangest and weakest sniper rifle, but it is very useful when you need a silenced weapon without looking for a scope. You can also use this weapon for full-auto, and the 9mm ammo is so common that it will be easy to gather a massive ammo pool for this weapon.

Designated Marksman Rifles (DMR)

#1 – Mini 14

The Mini 14 is a very versatile weapon, acting as a substitute assault rifle in certain cases and a long-range killer in others, given you can find a scope.  The 20-round magazine, combined with the fact that it uses common 5.56mm rounds, further adds to the Mini 14’s flexibility and ease-of-use.  The virtual lack of recoil solidifies the Mini 14 at the top of the DMR list.

#2 – Mk14 EBR

The Mk14 EBR is simply a superior version of the SKS, with the exception of slightly more recoil. It’s extremely powerful, capable of taking out a level-1-helmet-wearing opponent in one shot. Furthermore, it can switch over to full automatic mode, making it extremely dangerous at close range. The biggest downsides to this weapon are its small magazine and rare occurrence – you’ll only be able to find it in air drops.

#3 – SKS

The SKS is very effective for mid- to close-range combat, but loses accuracy as the target moves to a considerable distance away from you. It works very well as a main weapon, though you’ll need to be mindful of your remaining rounds per magazine since it can only hold 10. The stability on the SKS is also quite desirable, in addition to having fairly controllable recoil. To mitigate its small ammo capacity, you can equip it with a large capacity quickdraw magazine.

Pistols and Handguns

#1 – P18 C

While the lowest in terms of damage, the P18C proves very useful in the battlefield. However, this weapon is much more useful in close range. Make sure that you have a suppressor and an extended clip. One of the reasons this weapon is better than the P92 or P1911 is because it holds more bullets.

#2 – P92 

This weapon is more useful than the M1911 but less powerful than the P18C.  It has a weaker stopping power, but makes up for it by having a good magazine capacity, with 15 bullets per mag. You can extend this to 30 with an extended clip.

#3 – P1911

A known classic that packs a massive wallop, what the P1911 lacks in range or firing rate it makes up for in stopping power, having the second most powerful damage of all the handguns. It only has 7 rounds per magazine, though, which means that you have to aim strategically to make the ammunition count. You can add 5 more rounds by getting an extended clip.

#4 – R1895 

The oldest weapon in PUBG is certainly not the best. It takes a long time to reload, and uses the ammo you can use for an AKM. However, it is the most powerful handgun in-game, so if you don’t have an AKM and you don’t have any other choice, you can use this to go Dirty Harry on your foes.

Throwable Weapons Tier List

#1 Stun Grenade

A stun grenade will blind any enemies facing it when exploded and deafen them in a certain radius whether they’re facing it or not. Being blinded and deafened in the battleground means you will have zero accuracy and awareness, making stun grenades the best of the throwable weapons. The area it covers is huge and if you can use it properly, it can render many enemies practically useless against you

#2 Frag Grenade

Frag grenades come second because they have the potential to kill enemies even when they hide behind obstacles. Although they don’t have the same game-changing potential as a beautifully thrown stun grenade, they are still effective in taking out hard-to-reach enemies that hide behind nooks and crannies.

#3 Smoke Grenade

Smoke grenades fall to number three since they mostly provide a fixed area of cover. They are still very effective when it comes to obstructing vision from enemies.

#4 Molotov Cocktail

Molotovs unfortunately fall last on the list. Although they provide damage like the frag grenade, the damage is very dependent on the enemy to continuously remain in the area in which the molotov was thrown. Lacking the versatility of other grenades, the situational Molotovs are the worst of the throwable weapons.

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