Destiny 2 - Destiny 2 Crucible Tips for PVP Noobs

In this article, we will briefly give you some crucible tips for playing in PVP multiplayer. Here are some tips that will help you fight better in PVP.

Destiny 2 General Crucible Tips

Let’s face it. The heart of Destiny 2 is its PVP. This is where the big boys come into play, where iron is sharpened, where wit and determination is tested. You will die, and you will keep dying, but you will get better with every match. These tips are some

If you’re new to Destiny 2’s PVP, here are some tips that might help you git gud.  This article is inspired by videos by Drewskys Channel and Pixel Enemy.

1. Keep your old, special guns

Okay, so in PVE / story mode, you might be tempted to just dismantle all your weapons. Do not do this. In the Crucible, stats are equalized so that everyone might have a fair shot at killing their enemies. The only thing immune to this would be the special effects / properties of your weaponry, which might save you in spite of their low damage in PVE. Before you dismantle anything, make sure you are dismantling something that won’t help you in PVP. 

2. Competitive is extreme, but Quick Play is not a Walk in a Park

It’s nice to think that competitive crucible, (which is unlocked post-game, by the way) is hard, and casual is easy. However, you’ll still be facing a lot of OP players in the crucible. Even if you have a team of 6 in casual mode, you’ll also have a team of 6 foes to fight against. Therefore, you shouldn’t take competitive to the extreme.

3. Supers should be used strategically

Supers will be rarer in-game, but all the same you’ll still receive all the benefits of using them. However, you have to make sure you know when them in battle. Your strategy in how you use your Super will be crucial, given that your enemies also have Supers and counters as well. One strategy could be to use your Super only when your enemy starts using his. This way, you can take him out in battle.

4. Stick together, kill together

A lot of articles on crucible tips always emphasis that a team has to stick together. This article is no different. Never charge a strong team alone, and never stray from your team for a long time. You’ll find that team shooting will be the best way to go to take out an enemy. In the same way, the best strategy to pick off your opposing team would be to break their formation and cause them to spread out to kill you. Use this to your advantage–stick together!

5. Gun skill + evasiveness wins the game

Destiny 2 is a lot more fluid than the original game.  Use everything you have at your disposal to avoid gun fire while aiming for the kill. Use strafes, the marksman’s evasive dodge, and many, many other skills at your disposal to escape enemy fire and in turn, give your own. You will have to learn aim well and let your shots ring true, though. When you melee, you’ll have to make sure you shoot your gun afterwards so that you can deal more damage and avoid retaliation. Melee, jump back, fire at your opponents.

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