Destiny 2 - Patrols Guide: Tips and Tricks

This page contains the Destiny 2 Patrols Guide: Tips and Tricks. It includes the method on Unlocking Patrols, Performing Patrols, and types of Missions.

Destiny 2 Patrols Guide: Tips and Tricks

Patrols in Destiny 2 are short assignments that reward supplies upon completion. Participating in Patrols provides a more thorough exposure to the areas or specific locations missable during Campaign.

Contrary to the mechanics of Destiny, Guardians must first finish all Search Missions to unlock Patrols for Destiny 2.

Sectors and Patrols Overview

Below is a list of the Sector and Patrol Counts for each.

Sector Patrols
EDZ 35
Io 15
Nessus 35
Titan 10
Total 95

Unlocking Patrols

Guardians should first search for all Vanguard members which can be done through the Campaign Missions. Below is a list of the Vanguard Members.

  • Zavalla
  • Ikora
  • Cayde-6

By successfully locating the whereabouts of all 3, you will unlock Cayde-6’s EDZ Quest. Finish this fairly short assignment by dealing with Cabal Soldiers to get the Patrols unlocked for all planets.

Performing Patrols

In order to execute a Patrol, access the Open World and interact with one of the multiple Green Patrol Beacons indicated on the Map. Each Sector will contain a fixed amount of beacons, the count varies with 9 being the highest count for a given sector.

Select a Beacon and it will randomly choose a Patrol based on the accessible ones for that sector. This will display an objective which will require fulfilling one of various activities: Assassination, Collection, Kill, Scan, or Survey.

Follow the marker and finish the assignment to receive Experience Points.

Finishing a Patrol will reward the Guardian with reputation and Combatant Chest. Locate the latter and loot the contents to claim your reward. Clear all current Patrols and it will spawn new ones when you return.

Breakdown of Patrol Missions by Type


The objective of the Assassination Type Patrol Mission is to locate the target and wipe him and his battalion out. The Assassination Patrol requires a Sparrow.


These types of Patrols will ask you to gather a specific item by hunting certain enemies in the area. Essentially it is a farming Patrol Mission as there will be a count that needs to be met.


This is a Patrol Mission which requires the Guardian to remain within the specified location and exterminate all spawning enemies.


Similar to Assassination, it requires a Sparrow. The goal is to head to the site within the sector and annihilate all hostilities. Upon clearing the location, Scan the site using the Ghost.


Sparrow is a prerequisite for this Patrol Mission. Board it and take it to the designated landing zone. As you arrive, remain within the location similar to the Kill Mission for as long as the percentage rises up to a total of 100. Be wary of any enemies lurking in the location, and take them out to speed up the percentage increase.

Some Reminders

When a Patrol is active, the option to fast travel becomes inaccessible. If you wish to exit out of the Patrol, pull up your ghost then input either the Triangle or Y button.

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