Destiny 2 Weapons List

This page contains a weapons list for Destiny 2. This list is currently being updated until the launch of the game on September 6, 2017.

Weapons List

This is the list of weapons that can obtained and used in Destiny 2. This weapons list is currently incomplete, so stay tuned for more updates as well the stats for each weapon in the game.

Kinetic Weapons

  • Scathelocke (Auto Rifle)
  • Sweet Business (Exotic Auto Rifle, Titan-exclusive)
  • Does Not Compute (Scout Rifle)
  • Nightshade (Pulse Rifle)
  • The Showrunner (Submachine Gun)
  • Better Devils (Hand Cannon)
  • The Needle (Sidearm)

Energy Weapons


  • Nergal PR4 (Pulse Rifle)


  • Deathstalker-4AU (Auto Rifle)
  • Phosporus MG4 (Submachine Gun)
  • Minuet-42 (Hand Cannon)
  • Sunshot (Exotic Hand Cannon, Warlock-exclusive)
  • Urchin-3SI (Sidearm)


  • Black Scorpion-4SR (Scout Rifle)
  • Red Mamba-3MG (Submachine Gun)
  • Riskrunner (Exotic Submachine Gun, Warlock-exclusive)

Power Weapons


  • Retrofuturist (Shotgun)


  • Copperhead-4SN (Sniper Rifle)
  • Acantha-D (Grenade Launcher)
  • Morrigan-D (Rocket Launcher)


  • Main Ingredient (Fusion Rifle)
  • Tarantula-3FR (Linear Fusion Rifle)

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