Destiny 2 - Hack the Planet Adventure Guide (Nessus)

This contains a guide on the Hack the Planet Adventure for Destiny 2. The guide includes the requirements to access the adventure as well as its rewards.

Hack the Planet Adventure Guide

You will need to defeat the Network Cyclops in the Hack the Planet Adventure in Destiny 2

  1. In order to access the Hack the Planet Adventure, you must have completed the Missions Looped and Six. It is recommended to attempt this adventure at Level 90.
  2. Go to the the three location that are marked in the map. You would have to plant the beacons in these areas in order to complete the adventure. The first one that you should go to is to the south. There will also be a Public Event in here, so watch your step to avoid doing this event and interfere with your adventure.
  3. Follow the marker and eliminate the Vex guarding the Core. Interact with the Core after defeating the Vex.
  4. Go up the stone structure and jump towards the glowing ring. After getting there, fire at the five glowing orange cubes that will spawn around you. Don’t get too close to them as they can explode when hit.
  5. Head to the next marker and fire at the cubes until an indicator that will appear is 100%.
  6. After taking out the cubes, there will be a Network Minotaur that will spawn in the area. You need to chase this enemy as it may constantly teleport to a new location. Once you defeat it, collect the item that it drops.
  7. Go to the next marker and use the teleport. Traverse through the tunnel.
  8. You would need to stabilized several Confluxes in this area. You can stabilized them by firing at the cubes that will appear while standing next to the Confluxes. There are also Vex patrolling the area so be careful.
  9. After stabilizing the Confluxes, head to the Failsafe which is guarded by a Network Cyclops. The Cyclops will stack several cubes in front of it once it reaches critical health, so you need to back off and fire at the cubes. The Hack the Planet adventure will end once you defeat the Cyclops.
  10. You will be rewarded with a Rare Blue Loot for defeating the boss and finishing the Hack the Planet adventure.

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