Destiny 2 - Inverted Spire Mission Guide: Tips, Tricks, and, Strategies

The Inverted Spire Mission is a strike available in Destiny 2. This page contains tips and tricks on how to not die in Inverted Spire.

Inverted Spire Mission

The Inverted Spire Mission is a a Strike mission which players often farm. It’s also the first map that Bungie revealed during the debut for Destiny 2. Set on the Planet Nessus, the Inverted Spire Mission is now taken over by the Vex. Instead of the beautiful green world, the Vex changed the world into a more bleak, machine-looking world. In the Inverted Spire Mission, you’ll face a majority of creatures. There’s also a mini boss in the Inverted Spire Mission known as Colossus.

inverted spire mission

Tips and Tricks

  • Take out the Vex as fast as you can.
    • The fastest way often involves grenades as the environmental obstacles may cause you more problems than the enemies.
    • If you keep the Vex alive, you won’t be able to pay attention to your surroundings in fear of dying horribly.
  • Prioritize targets.
    • One of the enemies there is a Colossus which you may as well put up a barrier and a rift. Barriers from the Titan class can do well for sustainability. This works especially well when combined with either Empowering Rift or Healing Rift from Warlocks.
    • The Blood Guard should be your next priority as he can deal heavy damage. Stick close to the buildings and then ambush him with a close-ranged attack to take him down.
    • Gladiators will also appear so have an SMG on hand.
    • Bloodguard Legionnaires will also appear which you’ll have to kite around a bit.
    • If you’re unable to prioritize enemies then, popping a Super skill is a good idea as well. Players can get more orbs of light in doing so.
    • There’s a special enemy known as the Bloodguard Incendior. Don’t get too close to him; he’ll roast you alive. However, you can aim for the tank on his back and let his own fire consume him.
  • Watch out where you’re stepping.
    • This is not only for the environment but for the boss fight as well.
    • Protheon, the Modular Mind is known for AoE (Area of Effect) skills that can insta-kill you if you step on it. If you’re looking for the Protheon, the Modular Mind Boss Guide, click here.
    • Certain areas may look like they have catching platforms but they don’t. Players can also receive fall-damage upon missing a particular ledge.

Inverted Spire Mission – Walkthrough

Inverted Spire Mission Start

  1. Clear the mobs before spotting a path winding towards the left. Take that path and you’ll find a straightforward path. As soon as you take that, you’ll spot a marker and some enemies at the same time.
  2. Keep clearing out the enemies in front of you until you spot a rock ledge blocking your way. Hop over it before landing on an open field with two smaller stone pillars and one large one.
  3. Kill all the Vex until you spot the White Conflux Tower. Approach it and it’ll suddenly disappear.
  4. When it disappears, you’ll find a hop-and-skip path of stones. Be careful; you will take heavy fall damage if you miss one platform. With that, make your way to the shiny white portal.
  5. The moment you enter, you’ll find yourself in a cavernous area which is filled with Vex.
    • Titan Class – Employ barriers immediately. Push forward with barriers if you can.
    • Warlock Class – Back line with healing rifts or empowering rifts.
    • Hunter Class – Focus on bringing on the damage.
    • If you’re alone, kite around the enemies and blast them down with grenades. Headshot a few if you no longer have a grenade charge.
  6. Watch out for the shield-wielding Vex and use Energy weapons on them. After defeating them, proceed to the entrance on the left. This leads you to another area which also you need to veer to the left again. Drop down the platforms and just take out your enemies as you go along.
  7. After that area, you’ll end up in a vast area with Cabal and Vex. You don’t have to kill them all; you can cherry-pick them off if you like. One suggestion: take out the War Beasts first as they have a higher chance of chasing you.

 Kill the Drill Officers

  1. Take down the Colossus first. He’s the most heavy damaging one. Kite around him and deal opportunistic shots before moving on to the next enemies.
  2. Don’t forget about the Psion Sniper on the right. It’s quite annoying if you don’t kill him while trying to kite the Colossus.
  3. Defeat the Blood Guard with an SMG.
  4. Exit the building and make a right. When you do, you’ll find more enemies. They’ll be coming down from a metal platform so you can use a Grenade to wipe them out if you want.
  5. After killing the enemies, head to the roaring device which throws you into the next area which has more enemies to fight.
  6. Once finished, drop down to the next platform to kill the Gladiators with SMGs.

Transit Area

  1. This particular area has a mechanic in the Inverted Spire Mission that’s similar to defend the point. You’ll deal with incoming waves of enemies. However, don’t be afraid to roll out a grenade or even pop a Super.
  2. Once you do so, a Blood Legionnaire will appear. Kite around him and shoot him in the head.
  3. After he dies, take the jet that’ll bring you down to the area below.
  4. Follow the cavern path until you reach the exit. However, don’t just run out. There are two snipers there you’ll have to watch out for.
  5. After killing them, take the stone path and jump down.

Dig Site

  1. Watch out for the Bloodguard Incendior. He’s one of the most annoying enemies in the Inverted Spire Mission. Don’t get too close to him otherwise, he’ll roast you alive. Instead, target the tank on his bag and roast him alive with his own fire.
  2. Follow the pathway; take note of the Spinning Rig. But keep your guard up; enemies are still nearby.
  3. Players can opt to sprint forward to skip battles and save on energy. Use your environment to your advantage to either ambush enemies, sneak past them, or completely obliterate them.
  4. Run up the ascending pathways before walking right up to the ledge. And then, jump down and boost to soften your landing. There will be some harpies but just unload a full clip into their glowing eye and you should be fine.
  5. With that, leap over the chasm to fight the first and final boss of the Inverted Spire Mission: Protheon, the Modular Mind.
  6. After you defeat him, you’ll have finished the Inverted Spire Mission!

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