Destiny 2 - Invitation from the Emperor Adventure Guide (Nessus)

This is a guide for the Invitation from the Emperor Adventure for Destiny 2. This includes the requirements to access the adventure as well as its rewards.

Invitation from the Emperor Adventure Guide

You will have to download Data from the Cabal Consoles in the Invitation from the Emperor Adventure in Destiny 2.

  1. In order to access the Invitation from the Emperor Adventure, you must have completed the Missions Looped and Six. It is recommended to attempt this adventure if your power is at 90.
  2. Head to the Vex Ruins and follow the marker. Go down the hole that you will find in the area and go further through the caves. Avoid touching the white liquid seeping in the area to avoid damage.
  3. You will eventually need to gather Data from several nearby Cabal Consoles. There will be several enemies that will stop you from reaching your goal, so be careful of enemy attacks as well as environmental hazards while gathering data. The data takes seconds to download, so make sure that you don’t have enemies following you before downloading the data. There is also a 7th Company Centurion wandering around the area, it has a very strong shield but it can be taken out using a Solar energy weapon.
  4. After downloading the data, reach the Landing Site by following the markers. Eliminate the 7th Company troops patrolling the area. These enemies are fairly easy to kill, so you won’t have a hard time going further into the area.
  5. Go to the next marker after eliminating the troops. Interact with the two Confluxes and take down the oncoming 7th Company troops.
  6. Defend the two Confluxes against the troops. It is better for you the stay near the Conflux at the top in order for you to easily go down the bottom Conflux.
  7. After defending the Confluxed, head to the marker and reach the beacon. Interact with the beacon and the adventure will be complete.
  8. You will be rewarded with a Rare Blue Loot for finishing the Invitation from the Emperor adventure.

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