Destiny 2 - Io The Rupture Lost Sectors Locations Guide

This page contains the Io The Rupture Lost Sectors Locations Guide. It includes directions to find Sanctum of Bones, and Aphix Conduit.

Io The Rupture Lost Sectors Locations Guide

The Rupture Lost Sectors consist of 2 namely Sanctum of Bones, and Aphix Conduit.

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The Rupture Lost Sectors: Sanctum of Bones

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Sanctum of Bones The Rupture Lost Sectors is located at the upper left section of The Rupture Landing Zone. Begin by sprinting up the path which leads to the Lost Sector insignia tattooed on the wall resting on the pile of moss. Head past the marking then pass through the cave opening.

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Go through and turn left to arrive at the dark section of the location. Continue along the path straight ahead, then make the necessary turns to arrive at the Lost Sector. Make a left then fire at the enemy platoon. Scale the platform ahead to reach the upper floor. Shoot at the patrolling enemies then make a right past some rock pillars. Follow the path and take out the next wave of enemies.

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Cross the next dark section to find light emitting by the distant stack of rock formations, defeat the surrounding enemies. Go through the passage behind the next stack of rock formations to arrive at the sun drenched patforms. Leap to reach the upper platform ahead then take out the Titan Soldiers. Make a jump across to reach the platform on the other side lined with moss.

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Keep going to encounter Pandrok, Pillar of Nothing. Execute a combination of snipes and Super to whittle him down. Finish off the other enemies then scale up the platform to find the Cache resting on the dark corner of the location.

The Rupture Lost Sectors: Aphix Conduit

In order to gain entrance to The Aphix Conduit The Rupture Lost Sectors start by deploying at the same landing zone as Sunken Isles. Board the Sparrow then at the Sanctum of Bones insignia, make a right, then at the crossroads make a left. On the next turn, make a right to spot a group of enemies. Hug the right side and drive up the cliff to reach The Rupture. Keep going north and leap across to the other side, follow the path on the left then turn right to enter through the cave passage.

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Follow the path past a stone wall, ignore the cavity on the left and hug the right side follow the dark tunnel path to reach Aphix Conduit. Follow the passage past the halls decorated with fossils. Snipe the enemies patrolling the area from behind the immediate wall, majority should be coming from the right side so be wary. Keep strafing to dodge incoming projectiles, rinse and repeat.

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Scale the ramp then make a right and continue straight. Launch a surprise attack at the pair of enemies, then finish off the distant Harpy before dealing with the rest. Continue along the path then take out the remaining enemies by firing at the cube traps scattered in the area.

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More enemies are lurking, be sure to load your gun before exposing yourself then duck for cover. You will eventually come across the area boss Burned Mind who is strikingly similar to Hapax. Be sure to keep strafing as it launches projectiles. The trick is to time Heavy Weapon shots to pierce the red ocular hiding behind the rotating shield for some insane amounts of damage to severely weaken it. It will back up to hide by its lair, so be sure to pursue it cautiously. Follow it to get a good angle, but once it launches an attack backpedal to hide at the lower ground. Finish off any remaining enemies then loot the Cache resting on the elevated platform past the boss area.

Other Lost Sectors

The Rupture Lost Oasis

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