Mission 1 Homecoming Guide: Destiny 2 Walkthrough

This page contains a walkthrough for Chapter 1 Homecoming for Destiny 2, including main story objectives, weapons, items, characters and enemies.

Mission 1 Homecoming


Vanguard Room

  1. Once the FMV ends, take a left and take out the pair of Cabal soldiers that spawn from the wall.
  2. Trail along the waypoint marker until you encounter Cayde-6, this triggers a dialogue.
  3. Keep going to eventually stumble upon Lord Shaxx, you can now enter the Armory. Head there and choose which exotic weapon you prefer. The weapon you select will depend on the desired class: Hunter classes utilize the Handcannon, Titan classes wield the Auto-rifle, and Warlock classes are armed with a SMG.
  4. Follow the path to reach the Tower and take out the patrolling Cabal soldiers along the dim lit area. You will arrive at the Tower exterior where the Cabal command ship is parked.
  5. Proceed right to enter the hangar.


  1. Take out the next wave of Cabal soldiers inside then continue treading through the path indicated by the waypoint.
  2. Pass through the tunnel to arrive at the Tower’s main plaza.
  3. At the plaza you will come across Commander Zavala fending off Cabal soldiers. Provide some assistance and you will be tasked to deal with additional reinforcements. Be wary of approaching missiles during this segment. Take out the 3 approaching waves to progress to the next area.
  4. Stick close to Zavala and he will summon the Ward of Dawn forcefield. Finish off the remaining soldiers and trail along the waypoint marker.
  5. On your way you will encounter Ikora and Zavala urges you to continue straight.
  6. Proceed to the market and take out the Cabal army.
  7. When the coast is clear, Amanda Holiday will appear.

Command Ship

  1. Inside the ship, ascend the ramp and take out the Cabal soldiers guarding the entrance. This will trigger a dialogue.
  2. Explore the depths of the command ship and more Cabal reinforcements will spawn in the adjacent location.
  3. Be wary of the stronger Cabal soldiers that will appear as you go along. Be sure to equip elemental weapons to deal serious damage on this new type of enemies.
  4. After clearing this area, go through the Shield Generator room. Follow the marker indicated on the map.
  5. Be cautious of the turbines inside the Shield Generator Room. The trick is to perform well-timed leaps and dashes to pass through in one piece while exhausting the turbines inside the structure. By surviving the obstacles, exit out of the generator room and a cutscene will ensue.
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