Destiny 2 - Nessus The Tangle Lost Sectors Locations Guide

This page contains the Nessus The Tangle Lost Sectors Locations Guide. It includes directions on how to find Ancient's Haunt.

Nessus The Tangle Lost Sectors Locations Guide

The Tangle Lost Sectors consists solely of Ancient’s Haunt.

The Tangle Lost Sectors Locations

The Tangle Lost Sectors: Ancient’s Haunt

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In order to access The Tangle Lost Sectors, fast travel to the Watcher’s Grave Deployment Zone and board the Sparrow. This Lost Sector is a bit far so be sure to alternate between using Boost and the Sparrow. Begin by passing by the stone pillars ahead, trailing along the dirt patches straight. Pass through the rocky underpass then cross the flooded path.

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Keep going taking the road sandwiched by concrete. Once you reach the crossroads, dislodge the Sparrow and take the right path. Scale the right ledge and boost yourself up to the the upper floor. Stick to the right wall and leap across to the cliff on the opposite side. Boost up to reach the path straight lined with foliage, then with a final leap ascend to the white platform on top. Jump off to the path shrouded in red vegetation, follow the path straight then dislodge the Sparrow once you reach a crossroad that branches to the left and straight.

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Inspect the right side to find the rock dyed in scarlet with the Lost Sector emblem tattooed on the surface to locate The Tangle Lost Sectors entrance. Be wary of the patrolling enemies by the entrance as you head to the dungeon.

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Inside the dungeon turn right and follow the passage lined with red moss. From this area, drop off then follow the dimly lit dirt path. Descend the slope to arrive at the Lost Sector. At the large area, stick to the left side for cover and dart past the patrolling Goblins to reach the boss area.
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Fortunately the boss site is huge allowing for more breathing room. Defeat the Vex Hobgoblins clustered by the distant left then proceed to flank Pakrion. This fight is similar to the boss battle in the Mission against Hapax. Employ some side dodges to evade the explosives then reach for a relatively safe spot by the left alcove. Perform well-placed shots to strike its exposed ocular.

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Save your explosives and Super until he gets backed in the corner. Alternatively you can time a Heavy Weapon shot to its ocular for some massive damage. Once it’s over, unlock the Cache tucked at the back of the boss, you have to go around the back side to expose its location. Take the passage to the left of the Cache to exit.

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