Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Demo Walkthrough

This walkthrough does not contain storyline-related spoilers

Demo walkthrough for Chapter 1 - The Destruction of Mako Reactor 1 in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, including a list of enemies, obtainable items, and a boss strategy guide for Scorpion Sentinel.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake / FF7R - Demo Walkthrough – Chapter 1: The Destruction of Mako Reactor 1

Demo Walkthrough – Chapter 1: The Destruction of Mako Reactor 1

Tips for Playing the Demo


Final Fantasy 7 Remake / FF7R - Cloud StrifeCloud Final Fantasy 7 Remake / FF7R - Barret WallaceBarret

Obtainable Items

Item Holder Location
Potion Security Officers, Shinra Chests, Shinra Crate, Monodrives Train Station, Utility Access, and Reactor Core
Grenade Shinra Chest Train Station
Mako Shard (for MP recovery) Shinra Crate Utility Access and Reactor Core
Moogle Medal Shinra Crate Reactor Core
Phoenix Down Shinra Chest Reactor Core
Ether Shinra Chest Reactor Grounds, and Reactor Core


Area Enemies
Sector 1 Train Station Security Officer
Mako Reactor Grounds Security Officer and Guard Dog
Mako Reactor Interior Sentry Ray, Monodrive, Sweeper, Shock Trooper
Mako Reactor Core Monodrive, Sentry Ray, Scorpion Sentinel


Sector 1 Train Station

Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Demo Walkthrough - Sector 1 Train Station

1 Watch cutscene.
2 Defeat the security officers encountered. You can obtain gil and potions by defeating them. (Use □ Button to attack, use ○ Button to evade, and use R1 Button to guard.)
3 Proceed upstairs and open the chest. (Hold △ Button to interact with objects.)
4 Locate the Avalanche team members at the doorway. You can trigger cutscenes by approaching them.

Mako Reactor 1 Grounds

Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Demo Walkthrough - Mako Reactor 1 Grounds

5 Enter the doorway and defeat multiple security officers and guard dogs (Hold R3 Button to lock on targets. Swivel R3 Button or use L/R Directional Buttons to switch between multiple targets.)
6 Pick up a bottle of ether from a Shinra chest placed on the far left corner of the grounds. Then, Look for the Avalanche team members upstairs.
7 Fight another group of security offers and guard dogs while catching up to them.
8 Lift lever to raise up the elevator leading to the T-intersection bridge.
9 Watch cutscene.

Mako Reactor 1 Interior

Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Demo Walkthrough - Mako Reactor 1 Interior

10 Enter the security area and defeat security officers.
11 Watch cutscenes.
12 Barret joins your party. Don’t forget to assign a Fire spell to Cloud and a Thunder spell to Barret through their command shortcuts. (Use L/R or U/D Directional Buttons to switch between party members. Use the L1 Button to setup abilities or spells. Use L2/R2 Buttons to issue commands to allies.)
13 Switch to Barret to destroy Sentry Rays. Switch to Cloud when facing Monodrives
14 Proceed downstairs and proceed to the pathway lead by Jessie. Make sure that you avoid getting hit by the lasers. (Use R1/R2 Button to dash or press L3 Button once to keep on dashing.)
15 Break crates to obtain a potion and a mako shard.
16 Go downstairs again and open a chest to obtain 2 potions.
17 Reach the lower dock and defeat a Sweeper. Assign Cloud (either in Operator or Punisher Mode) to deal a barrage of physical attacks to the Sweeper in order to stagger it. Then, make Barret use Thunder on it. (Don’t spend all of your MP on it.)
18 Proceed to the Reactor Core entrance.

Mako Reactor 1 Core

Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Demo Walkthrough - Mako Reactor 1 Core

19 Watch cutscene.
20 Reach the reactor core by going down through steel ladders and platforms. Also, don’t forget to pick up items from the crates and chests encountered.
21 Defeat Monodrives and Sentry Rays on the first steel platform.
22 Head down to the first platform. Pick up a mako shard and a moogle medal from Shinra crates. Pick up a tuft of phoenix down from a Shinra chest.
23 Proceed to the second platform. Pick up a potion and another mako shard from the Shinra crates.
24 Go the third platform and defeat multiple Monodrives and a Sentry Ray.
25 Move to the fourth platform and battle four Monodrives. Don’t forget to acquire a bottle of ether from a Shinra chest near them.
26 Land on the last platform. Make sure Cloud and Barret’s HP and MP are fully recovered. Also, double-check if Cloud has a Fire spell and Barret has a Thunder spell in their respective command shortcuts.
27 Approach the Reactor Core. Setup up timer by choosing between 20 minutes or 30 minutes. Then, watch the cutscene.
28 Boss battle with Scorpion Sentinel. Don’t forget to use R3 Button to lock on the enemy boss and use potions or Cure to heal.
29 After defeating the Scorpion Sentinel, the detonation timer will activate. Before leaving the Core, make sure Cloud is fully healed.
30 Go back to the steel ladder and climb upwards. Run back on the same path and battle out remaining Monodrives along the way.
31 Watch cutscene and follow Jessie’s pathway. Don’t forget to pick up extra potions and mako shards from Shinra crates and chests encountered along the way.
32 Once you reach the reactor entrance, there will be a battle against security officers and monodrives. Then, another battle will occur against a lone sweeper at the lower dock.

Return to Mako Reactor 1 Interior

Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Demo Walkthrough - Return to Mako Reactor 1 Interior

33 Head back to the Utility Access and reach the upper floor. Pick up items from crates and prepare for enemy encounters, including the Shock Troopers.
34 After reaching the upper floor, enter the elevator. Then, watch the cutscene.
35 Starting at the security area, dash towards the T-intersection bridge.
36 Watch multiple cutscenes.

Boss Strategy for Scorpion Sentinel

Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Scorpion Sentinel Boss Guide

The Scorpion Sentinel boss battle is divided into four phases.

Scorpion Sentinel Boss Guide

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