Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade - Tips for Playing the Demo

A list of tips for playing Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

FInal Fantasy 7 Remake - Scorpion Sentinel

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Demo Tips

Build up your ATB gauge to use Abilities and Spells.

Begin each battle by landing normal attacks to build up your ATB gauge. This gives you access to Abilities and Spells that will deal more damage on enemies. Note that you will also need ATB charges to use items in combat. Think of normal attacks as a means to widen your tactical options, especially against tough foes.

Use Magic that opponents are weak against.

By default, Cloud and Barret will be equipped with Fire and Thunder materia respectively. Fire magic is effective against human enemies so it is best used on Shinra Troops. Thunder materia, meanwhile, should be cast on machine enemies such as the Sentries, Sweepers, and the Scorpion Sentinel boss.

Sweep the areas for chests and breakable boxes.

As you go deeper into the Mako reactor chamber, you will come across chests and breakable boxes containing useful items such as potions, phoenix downs, and Mako shards. Do not hesitate to look around the area before proceeding to the marked destination.

Familiarize yourself with Cloud and Barret’s unique characteristics.

Cloud specializes in attacking up enemies up close while Barret excels at peppering enemies with shots from a distance. Their individual strengths should give you an idea on where to position yourself when controlling either of the two characters.

In terms of mobility, Cloud is noticeably faster than Barret in combat. The ex-SOLDIER also has a quicker dodge than the burly AVALANCHE leader which you should keep in mind when switching between the two characters.

Cloud’s unique combat commands are Operator and Punisher modes. This allows him to switch between swift strikes and slow but powerful swings. Cloud can also parry close-range physical attacks by pressing the Guard button when in Punisher mode. The move can be used to deflect the Scorpion Sentinel’s tail stab attack, dealing significant Pressure buildup if done successfully.

Barret, meanwhile, has access to Overcharge which sends a powerful shot at targets but suffers from a long cooldown after use. You can reduce the cooldown time by pressing the Overcharge command button, though it leaves Barrett open to attacks.

Force tough enemies into the Staggered state.

The Sweeper and Scorpion Sentinel boss are two of the toughest foes in the demo. Your general strategy should be to fill up their Stagger gauges as quickly as possible to render them helpless for a brief period. Staggered enemies will also take more damage in this state, allowing you to unload on them with Abilities, Magic, and Limit Breaks.

Cloud’s Focused Thrust and Barrett’s Focused Shot are two Abilities that can quickly build up the enemy’s Stagger gauge. Use them as often as possible when up against robotic foes.

Defeating the Scorpion Sentinel Boss

The demo’s closing boss battle revolves around recognizing the Scorpion Sentinel’s attacks and unique mechanics during each phase of the fight. Cloud will also regularly give advice on surviving against the boss, such as using debris for cover against its tail laser and attacking it with Thunder magic.

Scorpion Sentinel Demo Boss Guide

Arguably the most frustrating part of the fight is when the Scorpion Sentinel activates its Field Generator. This creates a powerful barrier around it that make it near impenetrable, as well as nullifying Thunder attacks against it. Focus all of your attacks on the Field Generator by locking-on to it and attacking with Abilities and Magic. Once the barrier is destroyed, you can get back to dealing damage to the boss itself.

If you find yourself struggling at just staying alive, you can try to use Cure magic instead of potions to heal yourself. MP regenerates slowly over time, so it is somewhat more cost-effective to cast healing magic instead of using items. You should, however, use items to prevent either Cloud or Barret from getting knocked out if you are still waiting for enough MP to cast Cure again.

You can view a full walkthrough of the demo using the link below.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Demo Walkthrough

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