Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade - Johnny Incident Locations

A list of all Johnny Incidents in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Johnny Incidents

Johnny is a young man with red hair and wears a jacket with rolled up sleeves. He resides in Sector 7 Slums with his parents. The incidents are cutscenes and events related to Johnny.

Finding all the Johnny Incidents unlocks the trophy, The Johnny Experience.


Chapter 3

The first Johnny incident occurs in Chapter 3 at the Residential area. Complete the side quests up to this point and then check the map. Follow the waypoint marker and then approach the commotion to trigger a cutscene.

Chapter 9

The ninth chapter holds two Johnny incidents. While taking the main objective, To Corneo’s Mansion, take the path to the south of Chadley. Go after Johnny and when prompted, choose “I agree.”

The other Johnny incident appears when you take the quest, The Party Never Stops.

Chapter 14

Similar to the previous chapter, the fourteenth chapter also contains two incidents. You can unlock the first one after completing the Tomboy Bandit side quest.

The final incident appears after completing the previous one. Finish the Tomboy Bandit side quest and return the purse.

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