Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Reno and Rude Boss Guide

Boss battle guide for Reno and Rude in Final Fantasy 7 Remake / FF7R, including boss stats, attacks, and strategies for defeating them in the game.

Reno and Rude

Reno and Rude returns and more stronger than ever. Reno appears more nimble and gains a new attack, Pyramid, which traps the character. Whereas Rude’s attacks have higher power.


Focus on Reno while avoiding Rude.

The fight begins against Reno with Rude dropping bombs from the chopper. Hug the side to avoid the bombs while you deal with Reno. Use armor with Lightning element to resist his attacks. Don’t forget to have Punisher up and counter his attacks. Use ATB and combine it with Triple Slash to cause him to Stagger.

Destroy the helicopter.

When he’s Staggered, have Barret blast the chopper to bring it down. After felling the chopper, Rude comes to assist him in a tag-team. If Reno traps you with his attack, you need to change to another party member to break free. That being said, it’s better to focus on finishing off Reno.

After Reno taps out, employ the same tactic of using Punisher and use counterattacks against Rude. Swap to Tifa to land those punches. Have Barret unleash Maximum Fury from the back to wrap it up.

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