Angaran Resistance Faction [Mass Effect Andromeda]

This is a Mass Effect Andromeda enemies article on the Angaran Resistance faction. Here you’ll find information about a faction in Mass Effect Andromeda.

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Angaran Resistance Faction 

Angaran Resistance

Faction Name Angaran Resistance
Origin Havarl
Races Angaran
Motive Resist Kett and Avoid Angarans being captured
Quests Involved TBA



The Angaran Resistance is an organized resistance group of angara who fight against the kett. They are led by Evfra de Tershaav and are stationed on Aya. The Angara Resistance main homeland is the world of Havarl. They have, due to the Kett invasion, spread out into Aya and Voeld as well. As members of the Heleus cluster of the galaxy, they’ve normally come across Kett multiple times. This led to them being shoved out of their homes by the Archon and now are trying to establish a resistance against them. Unlike the Kett, Krogan, and Turian races, the Angara show themselves to be a peaceful race. However, they are not as peaceful as the Asari. If one takes a look closer, this race and the Salarian race share one thing in common: high intellect – particularly in politics and ruling a civilization. The Angara reveal themselves as sapient species of the Andromeda Galaxy.


The Angara have a military known as the Resistance. When they wage their wars, it’s most often a retrieval mission from the Kett. The Angaran Resistance mostly kept face to face interactions with the kett. At every turn, it didn’t have much success for 80 years not until the emergence of their leader Evfra. They have been making progress. Majority of them are referred to as either recruits or infantry members with Evfra as the leading head. Their militaristic view works well with Turian belief as the Resistance is the known highest ruling body. This is seen when Jaal interferes with Paaran Shie’s negotiations with the Pathfinder.


The arrival of the kett stunned and then divided the angara. As described by Jaal, infighting was used as a means of conquest by the kett, but the presence of a common enemy eventually galvanized the angara to work together. The various resistance groups merged into the organized Angaran Resistance roughly five years ago under Evfra de Tershaav‘s command, supported by prominent families, determined to stop their kett oppressors.

The Resistance’s headquarters are on Aya. For security reasons, neither Evfra nor Jaal will provide details of the Resistance’s organizational structure, but it can be assumed that there are multiple independent cells across the cluster. Many non-Resistance angara support their work either logistically or financially. The Resistance specializes in assassination, sabotage of kett facilities, deployment of supplies to besieged populations, and the rescue and rehabilitation of angaran prisoners.

Many members of the Angaran Resistance have joined up with the Nexus militia, enlisting  APEX support for their missions. Some senior officers have opened treaty negotiations with the Nexus.


Key Characters

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Faction Units

  • Recruits
  • Infantry
Angaran Resistance
Jaal with some of the Angaran Resistance Members

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