Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - Necrozma Z Moves and New Rotom Dex Mechanic: News

This page contains leaks for Necrozma Z Moves and New Rotom Dex Mechanic for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon. Details include new z moves and rotom features.

Necrozma Z Moves and New Rotom Dex Mechanic

According to the recent CoroCoro scans, there are apparently Necrozma Z Moves and New Rotom Dex Mechanic. For the Z Moves these cover Sun and Moon’s, as well as Ultra Sun and Moon’s Mascots namely: Solgaleo, Lunala, and Dusk Mane Necrozma, and Dawn Wings Necrozma. It also reveals a signature move for Dusk Mane Necrozma as well as an additional feature for the Rotom Dex.

Necrozma Z Moves and New Rotom Dex Mechanic: Unleash Necrozma’s Z-Moves

The recent Pokemon Ultra Sun Ultra Moon Leaks from the japanese Coro Coro scanned pages show both mascots and Necrozma formes learning brand new Z Moves. For Ultra Sun Players, Dusk Mane Necrozma and Solgaleo get to snag a Solgaleo Z. This allows them to convert Sunsteel Strike to the exclusive Z Move – “Sunshine Smasher.” In the case of Dusk Mane Necrozma, it will also have a new move roughly translated as “Photon Geyser.”

On the other hand, Ultra Moon Players receive the Lunala Z which allows their Dawn Wings Necrozma and Lunala to convert Moongeist Beam to “Moonlight Blaster.” Although there is no confirmation yet if Dawn Wings Necrozma will receive a signature move.

In addition the following Necrozma Formes will retain the Prism Pokemon’s ability – Prism Armor.

Necrozma Z Moves and New Rotom Dex Mechanic: Rotom Dex Features

Necrozma Z Moves and New Rotom Dex Mechanic

Source: Pokemon

Rewards can be redeemed through Rotom Dex’s new mechanic the “Rotom Power.” This feature grants Trainers the chance to unlock new items. These items help the Pokemon earn more experience. Another feature is the “Rotopon” which unlocks items and powers.

It also reveals the unique Z Rotom Power which enables the Trainer’s Pokemon to perform Z Moves twice in battle.

Necrozma Z Moves and New Rotom Dex Mechanic: Extent of the Rotom Dex’s Feature “Buffs”

Speculations point to the new Rotom Dex’s Feature “Buffs” as following the same feature as the buffs gained from Poke Refresh. Previously, in Pokemon Sun and Moon, Trainers who raise their Pokemon’s Affection will earn a plethora of buffs. These buffs range from having the chance to remove status ailments during battle, and dodging an enemy’s attack  among others. However, as opposed to Effort Value Training and in-game boosts/ buffs, these only affect the offline battles. In other words, Trainers who form a stable bond with their Rotom Dex will reap the rewards only in the Main Story Arc and only up to that extent. Thus, players should expect them to not gain the buffs during Online Battles.

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