Destiny 2 - Common Mistakes in Destiny 2: Things Not To Do

Common Mistakes are called "common" for a reason. In Destiny 2, sometimes these common mistakes can become costly especially in online mode.

Common Mistakes in Destiny 2

When playing Destiny 2, there are multiple modes. As an MMORPG, things can go anywhere. There’s PvP and there’s PvE content. While PvE is essentially more forgiving, PvP reaps more rewards especially in dropping Exotic Engrams. However, there are also some missions in PvE which are known as “Strikes” which are equivalent to a game’s “dungeon” run. Again, each mode has a particular mechanic which players should and should not. Here’s a quick run down of player’s common mistakes especially in Destiny 2.

Tips and Tricks

  • Bringing only one-kind of weapon.
    • This is one of the most common mistakes made by some people. Just because it’s their elemental affinity they bring that particular weapon. However, there are elemental mechanics here that people need to take note. If the enemy has a high elemental affinity same as your weapon, he will take reduced damage.
    • And if you’re fighting a boss and that happens, you’re gonna get shot in the foot real bad. Either that or, the battle will take so long and the computer wins the battle by attrition anyway.
    • There’s a reason why there are different kind of weapons such as kinetic and energy. Auto Rifles, Pulse Rifles, and Sniper Rifles also appear in-game for a reason.
  • Not bringing extra sets of armor.
    • While it doesn’t have an armor or equipment durability mechanic, it’s still good to bring an extra set.
    • Players can bring this to change their stats to fit the environment they’ll fight in. If player wants higher Defense, they can bring an armor that caters fully to that specific stat.
  • Not figuring out combinations.
    • Most people think you just shoot in these games. While it is technically true, there are ways also to maximize your damage as a combatant. Using a Titan-build on a Warlock will definitely not work as a Warlock focuses on another set of base stats that are different that of the Titan.
  • Sell your Exotic Engrams.
    • While there are suddenly sleight of hand common mistakes, it can be costly. If you sell your exotic weapon in exchange for a common weapon then, welp, you lose a lot of DPS.

Other Tips and Tricks

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