Destiny 2 - Titan The Rig Lost Sectors Locations Guide

This page contains the Titan The Rig Lost Sectors Locations Guide. It includes directions on how to find Cargo Bay 3 and DS Quarters-2 Lost Sectors.

Titan The Rig Lost Sectors Locations Guide

The Rig Lost Sectors consists of the following Cargo Bay 3 and DS Quarters-2.

The Rig Lost Sectors Locations

The Rig Lost Sectors: Cargo Bay 3

The Rig Lost Sectors Locations

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To find the Cargo Bay 3 The Rig Lost Sectors, head to the site’s Landing Zone. From there, make a left then pass by the open cargo. Proceed to the hangar ahead then remain on the same floor. Hug the left side then proceed to the corner of the hangar by the waterside then jump off to the ledge to the left. Tread carefully as this section will be packed with Fallen. Follow the catwalk then inspect the wall find the Lost Sector insignia.

The Rig Lost Sectors Locations 1

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To locate the Lost Sector, take the catwalk make a leap to get to the opposite side then turn right and jump across to reach the next end. Go straight through the small opening which lies adjacent to the marking. Head to the right side, descend the flight of steps afterwards. As you reach the landing, enter the nearby opening then hug the left side to search for a ventilation, crawl inside. Make a right then head to the left. Pass through the small blue-lit opening then turn to the left. Follow the steps leading down then make a right to reach The Rig Lost Sectors – Cargo Bay 3.

The Rig Lost Sectors Locations 2

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The Lost Sector is jam packed with cargo to enable the Guardian to find more breathing room for reloading, use them to your advantage against the Hive enemies. At the front line are the Acolytes while the Knights patrol behind them. Snipe the Knights before you engage with the Acolytes. Included in the roster is the area boss Golmuut whose attack pattern will change once you shave a moderate amount of its hit points.

The Rig Lost Sectors Locations 3

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The absence of his forcefield allows you to pummel him down with ease without resorting to Energy weapons. Toss a fistful of explosives and pin him down with a Super. However even with all these tools in your arsenal it is best to play safe and strafe behind the cargos to whittle him down effectively. The Cache rests at the back of boss on the corner by the stack of red cargo.

The Rig Lost Sectors: DS Quarters-2

The Rig Lost Sectors Locations 4

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To search for the entrance to DS Quarters-2 The Rig Lost Sectors, deploy at The Rig Landing Zone move a bit to the right and take the door. Inside make a left then enter the passage to the flooded section. Make another right at the corner then drop off. Inspect the right portion of the wall to come across the Lost Sector emblem.

The Rig Lost Sectors Locations 5

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From this marking descend the steps and go through the small opening. Pass through a hall lined with pipes connecting on both sides then turn left through another passage. Continue straight passing through another doorway marked with a “No Smoking” sign. Descend the steps on the right then slightly to the left, take the stairs down. Follow the path with red pipes extending on the ceiling leading to the dark corridor. Make a left to reach The Rig Lost Sectors – DS Quarters-2.

The Rig Lost Sectors Locations 6

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Defeat the Acolyte ahead then continue right and jump over the stack of crates. Throw a grenade to take out the wave of Acolytes easily. Turn right to find a semi-oval doorway where an orange light emits, unload shots at the approaching pair of enemies that emerge, then go through the opening.

The Rig Lost Sectors Locations 7

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Inside the new area you will find it more difficult to see because of the absence of lighting. Follow the path straight ahead to find a light source, be wary of more Thrals inhabiting the area. Once they spot you, backpedal and storm them with a barrage of shots to take them out. Make a right and follow the source of red light to arrive at the site. In comparison to the previous segments of the map, this one is shrouded in void, however fortunately the distant chest emits a light to lead the way.

The Rig Lost Sectors Locations 8

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Approach the chest cautiously to find the area boss who will emerge from the nearby opening. This is Thaan’Hul, a formidable Knight type enemy. Whittle him down with well-placed shots while being mindful of the surrounding Thrals. Perform a Super to unleash massive amounts of damage to defeat him. Take out the rest of the enemies lurking on the corner. Finally, return to the location where you found the Cache to claim your reward.

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