Destiny 2 - Titan Siren’s Watch Lost Sectors Locations Guide

This page contains the Titan Siren's Watch Lost Sectors Locations Guide. It includes directions on how to find Methane Flush Lost Sector.

Titan Siren’s Watch Lost Sectors Locations Guide

The Titan Siren’s Watch Lost Sectors consists solely of Methane Flush.

Siren's Watch Lost Sectors

Siren’s Watch Lost Sectors: Methane Flush

Siren's Watch Lost Sectors 1

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To find the Siren’s Watch Lost Sectors, head over to the landing zone then make a right to enter the facility. Continue past the entrance then pass through the doorway. Continue along the left path then jump down through the semi-circle gap to reach the exterior. Keep going and descend the steps to the left. Finally take out the patrolling enemy nearby then run to the left and cross the catwalk. Drop down to the left and you should now be facing the Lost Sector marking fixed to the wall.

Siren's Watch Lost Sectors 2

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As you are standing in front of the symbol, make a right turn and continue along the path to the side of this facility. Go through the semi-circle gap then descend the steps to your right. Make the following turns as you go: make a left through the opening, then right, left again to jump off to the floor below, take the right turn, continue left, follow the straight path to arrive at the Lost Sector.

Siren's Watch Lost Sectors 3

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The entrance to the boss area for Siren’s Watch Lost Sectors is relatively difficult compared to the previous ones. For one the Hive lair is no pushover with 2 Shriekers to deal with on opposite ends. Add the rest of the units to the mix to accompany the area boss Karugul, a formidable Wizard type enemy who shares similar attack patterns to the Shriekers, and you get multiple threats to watch out for.

Siren's Watch Lost Sectors 4

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Fortunately there is a trick to it. Start by focusing your gunfire on the one of the Shriekers before dealing with the rest of the units. Snipe them by peeking from the side of a stack of boxes, alternating between firing at them then running for cover to reload. Whittle down the the first Shrieker then fire at the boss, once you shave a moderate amount of the boss’ health it will attempt to escape to the right door. Do the same to the remaining Shrieker while strafing to dodge the projectiles. Do not follow the boss just yet.

Siren's Watch Lost Sectors 5

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Take the steps to arrive at the next section. This time you will be facing the other members of the lair. Whittle down the platoon of Acolytes then finish of the Knight using a Ranged weapon to wipe them out one by one. As you go neck and neck with the boss, swap to an Energy Weapon and drain its forcefield. By the time it is fully exposed, finish it off with a Super. The Cache is fully exposed close to the boss’ remains after you defeat it you won’t miss it.

Other Lost Sectors

Siren’s Watch The Rig

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