Destiny 2 - European Dead Zone (EDZ) Outskirts Lost Sectors Locations Guide

This page contains the EDZ Outskirts Lost Sectors Locations Guide. It includes directions to find Scavenger's Den, The Drain, and Whispered Falls.

European Dead Zone (EDZ) Outskirts Lost Sectors Locations Guide

The Outskirts Lost Sectors are divided into 3 namely: Scavenger’s Den, The Drain, and Whispered Falls.

Outskirts Lost Sectors

Outskirts Lost Sectors: Scavenger’s Den

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Locate Outskirts Lost Sector Scavenger’s Den by following the marking on the map. Using the Sparrow makes it even more accessible. Pass through the asphalt then transition through the rocky dirt road by zigzagging once you reach the ground below. Turn left by the boulder to find the marking on the concrete ahead.

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Enter the cave, ignore the alcove on the left and keep going until you find a source of light. Pass through to the right following the light source then drop down. Board the Sparrow until you reach a dead end. Scale to the platform above then cross the tunnel. As you arrive at the facility, defeat the enemies, there will be another by your right as you go scale the steps.

Enter the site where the second one ambushed you. Continue straight and scale to the platform above. Ready your gun to defeat another wave of enemies. More enemies lie waiting below, take them out. Proceed to the opening as the forcefield neutralizes, continue along to arrive at an area dyed in blue.

Take out another wave then pass through another opening with the forcefield normalizing. Remain at a safe distance then shoot the laser traps to disarm them. Follow the path to reach an open location lined with vegetation. Defeat the Graxus Blind Captain and his henchmen and unlock the chest to loot your reward.

Outskirts Lost Sectors: The Drain

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Start The Drain at the upper right section of the Outskirts Lost Sectors. Search for the marked location on the map to find a tunnel below the bridge. Enter the tunnel.

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Keep going to find a site lined with pipes, cross this area by going around from the right side, descend the steps past a number 2 plastered on the wall, then exit by taking the stairs down. Enter through the arched opening. Follow the passage to eventually reach the Lost Sector. Continue along by descending the ramp, and pass through the rusty arch. Defeat the enemies settling here, best to shoot the canister to send them flying. Continue through the right passage, going down.

Follow the path then at the crossroads, turn right. Annihilate Drekthas Metal Captain to retrieve the cache code using the Super. Defeat all surrounding enemies then return to the back of the room to find the cache.

Outskirts Lost Sectors: Whispered Falls

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Locate Whispered Falls Lost Sectors by following the map marking. Head behind it to come across a small hole which leads to the dimly lit tunnel.

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Light the place up as the first section is dimly lit and follow the rocky tunnel path. Descend to the floor below, then drop off to reach the bottom floor. Sprint past some falls across. Leap to the platform above and defeat the hovering enemies. Spray bullets at the distant enemies ahead then proceed to reach a section lined with foliage. Snipe the camping enemies before you leap to the grove.

Snipe the enemies on the far right using the concrete for cover. Leap across the chasm to the upper floor on the left and continue along the path leading up to the boss area. Snipe Keldrik Drained Captain then perform the Super to deal significant damage. Finish off any remaining enemies in the area. When you’re done, collect the Cache code and unlock the loot chest.

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