Destiny 2 - European Dead Zone (EDZ) Sunken Isles Lost Sectors Locations Guide

This page contains the EDZ Sunken Isles Lost Sectors Locations Guide. It includes directions to find The Quarry and Skydock IV.

European Dead Zone (EDZ) Sunken Isles Lost Sectors Locations Guide

Sunken Isles Lost Sectors consist of 2 namely The Quarry and Skydock IV.

EDZ Sunken Isles Lost Sectors

Sunken Isles Lost Sectors: The Quarry

EDZ The Quarry 1

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At the Sunken Isles Landing Zone, drop off north from the cliff to the path below. Cross the river to get to the land on the other side.  Locate the marking indicated on the map to find the entrance to the cavern. The Lost Sector insignia is emblazoned on the immediate boulder you pass by. Head right of the boulder to enter the cavern (the path should be lined with blue plants).

EDZ The Quarry 2

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Go through the passage and drop down to the rocky terrains. Keep going past an illuminated path until you reach The Quarry. Eliminate the Cabal soldiers along the way. After fending them off, go through the opening behind the small boulder to reach a crawl space.

EDZ The Quarry 3

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Go through to enter the boss area. Take out platoon of Legionary at the entrance then scale the path on the right. Defeat Fortifier Yann to retrieve the Cache Code. Access it for your reward.

Sunken Isles Lost Sectors: Skydock IV

EDZ Skydock IV 1

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Deploy at the same landing zone as Sunken Isles. Board the Sparrow to get to underpass.

EDZ Skydock IV 2

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Drop off by the edge to reach the metal floor below then pass through the side. Continue along the path, make a left and descend the ramp to find the Lost Sector.

EDZ Skydock IV 3

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Jump down the circular opening on the floor, keep going straight then left at the fork. Follow the path and take out Devourer Darg to snag the Cache Code.

Other Lost Sectors

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Trostland Outskirts Winding Cove
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Sunken Isles

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