Destiny 2 - European Dead Zone (EDZ) Trostland Lost Sectors Locations Guide

This page contains the European Dead Zone Trostland Lost Sectors Locations Guide. It includes directions to find Atrium, Terminus East, and Widow's Walk.

European Dead Zone (EDZ) Trostland Lost Sectors Locations Guide

The Trostland Lost Sectors are divided into 3 namely: Atrium, Terminus East, and Widow’s Walk.

Trostland Lost Sectors

Trostland Lost Sectors: Atrium

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Start Atrium Lost Sectors by first inspect the church where Devrim Kay is inhabiting for a Lost Sector Marking. Then head down the trap door to reach the depths of the Atrium.

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By the time you arrive at the basement, follow the door on the right then continue along the corridors through the left. Inside is a room teeming with Fallen, take them out then pass through the doorway on the left. Defeat the Fallen below then move to the right.

Make another right to encounter the Fallen enemies along with the Boss. Spray bullets to weaken them and finish them off using the Super. Challenge Fallen Captain Skexis Outcast to claim the Cache Code. Use it to open the chest.


Trostland Lost Sectors: Terminus East

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Begin Terminus East Lost Sectors by first examining the steel doors for a gap and crouch down to squeeze through. Jump off to arrive at the train station in ruins.

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Start by sliding under the doorway then scale down the sinkhole. Follow along the tunnel until you arrive at the ruined platform.

Defeat the first wave of Fallen enemies, be wary of the Snipers situated on the right side of the elevated platform.

Follow the tunnel until you reach the boss area. Defeat Kalsis Sunless Captain who is guarding the Cache. Before you exit, open the chest and snag the reward.

Trostland Lost Sectors: Widow’s Walk

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The third Lost Sector Widow’s Walk is nearby the Atrium’s. The marking should be embedded close to a Gragerich sign. Follow the path to the right until you reach the Amsel neon sign.

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Widow’s Walk is somewhat difficult compared to the others. Enter the doorway leading to the dungeon and follow the passage until you reach the stairs. This will take you to the middle section of a large open area with a machinery part. Keep going to find the Fallen and the boss Mazan Lost Captain. Immediately head for cover preferably by the open stalls to your advantage. Snipe the distant enemy at the far end of the location then take out Mazan Lost Captain to claim the Cache Code. With the code, unlock the Cache.

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